road leading somewhere's journey is full of roads... roads leading to somewhere we really can't tell... however, we have the opportunity to take the road we know that can get us somewhere.. not just somewhere but to a specific place that we really want to go.. a place where our heart and mind are on the same line... knowing where to go is one thing, but getting there is another... don't just take the ride, choose one... our choices may not always be the best but standing up for the choices we've made and making the best out of it are what really count... knowing where to go and how to get there is good, yet reaching that on the day we call "someday" may make it unreacheable at all... a specific goal, with a specific action, paired with a specific date of completion, leads to a specific success... being specific may sound no fun at all, but "specific" surprises are still at store even at the most planned things... =)

About Dongking

An old soul who loves travelling! (but my posts are mostly on the months of April and May when school's out) I'm someone who wishes to leave a positive mark on earth. =)

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    for my first 3 likes… thanks guys =)

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