♥...search no more... love fills in every space and gaps of this world... it only takes a moment to let it all in.. ♥ (and don't worry guys... love will never run out... the source of it all has much too much to give away.. just be prepared to drown joyfully =)... )


...just look up......love may be considered as one of the most elusive things... people always try their best to search for it... they may be able to witness it everywhere... it can be seen in the television, heard on the radio, or even see it blossom right in front of your eyes... how come could we still not feel it?... could it be because we haven't acknowledged the real source of love? i feel this is one of the best questions that unlocks the realization of people on the true essence of finding love... even the clouds give out clues... what shape do you make out of it?

About Dongking

An old soul who loves travelling! (but my posts are mostly on the months of April and May when school's out) I'm someone who wishes to leave a positive mark on earth. =)

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