down the Cagsawa Ruins up the Mayon Volcano


…the majestic Mt. Mayon greeting us as we travel nearer the Cagsawa Ruins…


…my first actual setting foot on the famous Cagsawa Ruins… I usually just see this on postcards and setting foot here is just breathtaking…


…since we are no official photographers, pictures aren’t always that good yet you can still see half of the Mayon Volcano peeking behind the ruins…


…this pretty much tells the significance of Cagsawa Ruins…


…at the ruins, there are some kids who know how to perform tricks with your camera to make you like like a giant or make you look like you’re leaning on the church… and you only have to pay them with what you think is worth of the tricks they have done.. however, you can also try to learn the tricks yourself.. this one’s done by a colleague…


…who doesn’t want a floating picture on this magnificent view… just got blurred though but the fun of jumping remains… reaching for the top!! =)


…the view facing the ruins with our back turned to the volcano…


…the volcano and the cross giving a hint of the history that brought life to these ruins after having claimed lives…


…still in remembrance of those who have lost their lives… just some things you might pass by when you’re moving up the Mayon Volcano…


…some churches may have similarities since most have been built during the Spanish Era.. i forgot the name but you’re tour guide will definitely mention it so better listen good… =)


…now you definitely feel the air pressure change and people start getting a bit deaf… better open that mouth, chew or try to yawn to balance the pressure..


…fleeting view along the journey so keep those eyes wide open…


…this takes quick taking out of the camera and snapping photos.. the bus could go fast and the lens might miss these.. ready your reflexes… =)


..this frame says something about the place but because of the reflection, little could be read of it…

DSCF4926 of my most liked shot.. it’s like the fog behind is gobbling up everything in it’s path.. but not the person in the pic.. hehe..


…chillin’.. sort of literally… the place’s getting a bit cold with all the fog…


..we are actually on the slope of Mayon Volcano.. thankfully she’s calm and quiet when we got there.. so this is one the stairs there.. it goes around the planetarium.. you’ll go up in a different place and you have to go around to get back to where you’ve been..


… just the horse we’ve seen grazing alone..


.. it’s on the other side of the planetarium now.. this is the old resting place which is now vacated.. so we have to climb up a little again to get back to the planetarium.. still have time to pose though.. =)


…the structure behind is one of the cottages for resting when visiting the slope… there are people eating lunch and snacks there actually when we arrived.. and there are many cottages as well..


..inside is where you’ll find interesting pictures of Mayon and the place also shows through a short multi-media presentation the history of Mayon and the features of the place it is located…

DSCF4744 this is what i wished the one who took our jumping picture would’ve achieved… there are just times that when you do for others what you want to be done to you, it ends up looking good for them than yours.. haha… i love taking these kinds of shots.. still Magayon at the back..

DSCF4750’s not only the place that will allure you but also the kids roaming around and selling stuffs.. these two kids on the picture were selling cacao (tablea – the one used for making chocolate drink) at the same time telling bits and pieces of the history of the place.. their stories don’t cost a thing but P30 for their tablea doesn’t hurt right?


…wonderful composition of the sea, earth and sky… Magayon can’t be seen in every time of the day.. she usually hides behind the clouds and comes out to peek for a few seconds and is then covered… that’s why every second of her presence is highly appreciated coz you’ll never know when she’ll come out again..


…Magayon (Mt. Mayon) is pretty much everywhere because of her size.. yep, she’s a girl… and a beautiful one at that.. this is taken early morning at the hotel (Embarcaderos) we were staying at… she may be everywhere but it seems like people still can’t get enough of her…

…so here’s my journey to Mayon Volcano… the pictures got a bit disorganized while i was adding more.. hehe.. just for a few info, Mayon can be found in Legazpi, Albay, Philippines.. some of its eruption have been recorded the worst in Philippine history.. however, regardless of its danger, her majestic, magnificent, enchanting beauty still attracts many tourists especially when she’s giving off lava… that i have yet to see.. just so you know, most of the pictures here are taken by me.. i so love taking pictures hehe.. and is dreaming of owning a DSLR someday for better quality pics.. i just used digi cam and i think it ain’t that bad… once again, a glimpse of the dangerously beautiful feature of the Philippines.. hope you enjoyed it and even more hopefully you could see it for yourself… tell me what you think of it guys… i’ll be thrilled to hear…  =)

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  1. vksmyblog37 says:


    I love your article.Your article is like a big tree, so that we can be sitting in your tree, feel yourself a real. I feel very touched, very empathy.

  2. wandrisk says:

    wow.. you sound deep but thanks for appreciating my article.. =) hope you’ll enjoy the other things i’ve written as well. =)

  3. down the Cagsawa Ruins up the Mayon Volcano | enjoymuch

  4. Good day! Do you know if they make any pluvins to safeguard against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard
    on. Any tips?

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