come to CamSur


..interesting structure outside CSWSC..


..checking out the place where i saw the queen of all media Ms. Kris Aquino got to experience the water course.. hmm.. the camera was good at getting the nice angles.. was surprised to see just that.. and it’s man-made.. not much of a fan of man-made stuffs but it would still be interesting to take on the course..


..just another angle to show the big thing filled with air.. =P


..watching the wake boarders do their thing.. even commenting at what they’re doing.. hehe.. would be thrilling to try it..

DSCF4998 that’s the crane that from which the boarders are attached to.. it’s the one that gives speed to be able to glide on the water..


..a closer look at those who are doing the sport.. splash..


..some of the gears used by the boarders.. notice how the shoes are attached to the board.. that means no walking once you have these on.. hehe..


..helmets and safety jackets are to be found here.. variety of colors to choose from..

DSCF5008 if you’re quite tired from watching or doing the sport, you can just sit on the grass covered ground and just chill.. just be sure to take out some seeds stuck on your garment..hehe.. behind is somewhat a bar.. so if you want drinks, tehre you have it..


..some tiki inspired shelters i guess..


..the right side is a spot for spa.. yep, spa is that open in CamSur.. behind these structures are people enjoying massages and spa.. on the left are like little cottages.. just like a toadstool yet this one’s native made of nipa.. both are constructed by rows…


..just to have a closer look..


..basically this is how you’ll put to use these “native toadstools”.. there are no chairs nor tables so utilize the ground..


..this is one of the bigger cottages.. as you can see there is a table and chairs but the price goes with it as well.. behind is the only pool..


..act of opening the villa without a doorknob hehe.. this also comes in rows and rows..

therefore for me, CamSur Watersports Complex will be best enjoyed by people who would actually do the wake boarding or swim in the pool and take on the water course.. coming here to just watch is also nice yet there’s not much to see.. relaxing in this place is possible though.. however for me, i’m not a fan of man-made stuffs as i have mentioned earlier.. i prefer a more natural setting with water flowing without the aid of big pipes.. i didn’t have the chance to truly be in the water since what we have is just a rolling tour and aimed to just see the place not necessarily experience it.. if i have gotten into the water, i may have to change the way i’m telling about the place today.. i totally would have tried wake boarding.. seems fun, challenging and exciting.. i haven’t but you could.. and i would like to hear from you guys and see if you can prove me wrong.. hehe.. and while you’re there, keep an eye for your celebrity crushes.. the last time we were there, someone’s present.. hope you have your luck there too.. enjoy life, enjoy much! =)

*Oh my gosh! Daniel Matsunaga was here. The very same time we were here but I didn’t get a chance to have a pic with him. This could have been my second time seeing him. =P

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