Disneyland Hong Kong (part1)

it may not always be sunny in Sunny Bay but it won’t and didn’t stop us from having a magical stay at Disneyland until the Disney in the stars fireworks which i haven’t gotten the chance to take some pics coz our cam didn’t have enough juice.. but i was holding the cam of our colleague so i can still give you some glimpse of the fireworks and Disneyland at night.. enjoy the pics guys and hopefully one day, we can all go there together.. hehe.. how much fun would that be.. =)


..just randomly snapped a pic of the structures while waiting for the train to Disneyland to arrive.. imagine the excitement.. =)


aboard the Mickey-themed train!!.. loving every second of it =)


..Mickey and his friends are everywhere on the train.. even the handles can’t deny that it’s really Mickey’s world..


..hopped off the Mickey train.. first view of the platform.. excitement building up!.. childhood dream coming to life is always amazing!!.. can’t wait to get inside.. hehe.. i so appreciate the tiny details of the place..


..the magic is creeping out of the main park.. hehe.. even the structures outside really draws me.. the royal feeling is so present too..


..yep, one of the details i’m talking about.. hehe.. every little thing counts for me.. =)


magic officially begins here.. gloomy weather gave the place a mysterious effect.. oh the feels.. hehe


it may not be sunny but my smile sure do looks bright.. hehe.. =P


..the opposite side of the entrance.. it’s where we get our tickets checked.. and yep, we are on a mountain..


..Mickey riding a board above the water blown by a huge whale and is surrounded by his Disney friends.. nice sight to take in along with the music playing..


me and my sis’s ticket to the world of magic.. Disney characters still.. (mine’s at the top) =)


..smiling through the gloom with a magical music playing in the background..


..coz this place doesn’t run out of people, we just took pics with them on it.. hehe..


..so to at least get a solo pic feel we got closer.. i find it good enough..


..really took a few seconds to take a pic of the dark clouds hovering over the structure.. it’s so mysteriously magical..


welcome to Main Street, USA! this my friends, is the mailbox hehe..


..coz i dreamed of being a princess and still dreams that way.. hehe


..just took some steps up the stairs.. not sure where it will lead but it does look pretty so we have to take a pic.. hehe


i would really love to take a peek inside the place but time constraint is our enemy.. sad to say.. but i’ll be back someday soon and i’ll fully explore the place.. =)


anyone up for war? hehe.. enjoying the details once more..

coz it would take another blogging session to fit most of the pics.. hehe.. so stay tuned for the other pics.. will be posting it soon.. =)

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