Hong Kong Disneyland (part3) more than just a park =)


…the very cold venue for Lion King live! we are soaking wet because it had been raining most of the afternoon but it wasn’t able to dampen our spirits.. =)


..precious waiting moment for the start of the show.. people are flooding in.. the employees are doing their best to keep the performance area dry or else there’ll be slipping casts =)


..the magical light effects and sounds gave me chills..


..the start of something very wonderful.. glorious dancing and singing acts!


twas near the end when these amazing giant animals came out and added more festive feel to the place!


..casts uniting to majestically end the performance for the one and only king of pride rock!.. my world was totally rocked!!


..yep, the giant animals were just beside us!


..preparing for the finale.. =)


the giant animals unite!! oh the ending that i do not wish to end.. =)


..the casts and the giant animals circling the performance area to get a glimpse of each and everyone of them.. and wow are they good looking! hehe…


..taking pics while they’re circling.. trying to get the best shot.. hehe


..out of the venue but not out of the feeling.. the chills and the amazement still remains in me.. =)


..on the water to his house.. guess who’s house? Tarzan!! hehe… =)


..welcome to our humble abode.. i mean his abode.. hehe..


..am so in the moment with lamp, the path, the stones, and all the jungle feels.. mind you there are footsteps of man and primates there.. =)


..the bridge to his main house.. the lamps are so jungle like!.. head over heels with the jungle!


..one of the books that tells the story of Tarzan along the way during the journey through his house.. nothing can crumple the book though, made of concrete i believe.. hehe


..this may look stiff and all but it definitely growls! hehe.. than you’ll hear baby Tarzan crying up in the tree inside his cradle.. hehe.. fun everywhere! =)


..the curious found under the house of Tarzan.. i would love to stay and tinker and explore some more but time doesn’t give much freedom for us to do so.. hmm.. another reason to be back.. =)


..old dusty antique things simply fascinate me.. =)


..after stepping back in time, we went to the future!! hehe.. =)


…just stepped out of our spaceship.. hey there earthlings! =)


..wanna take a ride? hehe


..waiting for the blast off!! hehe..


..the rotating wonders of Tomorrowland!…


..hands way up! waiting for my abduction.. all smiles!


..target locked in!!.. fire!!


..meet R2D2’s cousin! hehe.. looking cool with the shades.. =)


..the car to the future.. hehe.. cool looking eh?.. =)


.. so to be in the journey for the future, you need the ride.. and yep, it was the red one.. hehe


..crushing on a toy! haha.. i so love Buzz Lightyear! so adorable!.. =)


…people flood to come to Disneyland, they also flood to go home at night.. hehe.. the park is as magical at night.. =)


..the boat ride across the whole world.. hehe.. enjoying the mini cute versions of people from all over the world singing their own versions of It’s a small world.. =)


..the fireworks are like the sparks for my emotions to blow.. and it was a relief to let those emotions out (still in hiding though) tears streaming down my face for the reason of i don’t know what.. was just magical..


..the night view of structures inside.. =)


..really found the lights amusing..


..yep one of the structures that light up at night.. =)


.. all my frustrations and hardships seemed to have also shot up the sky and left me feeling light and wonderful.. =)


..no matter how hard it is to take pics, i still do so i may not miss things much.. =)


..will definitely enter these places when i come back.. hehe..


..on the way to the small world.. =)


..trying hard to have a pic with the name.. hehe.. just a proof we were really there.. =)


..lighting up the castle and feeling the magic.. =)


..another one of the structures i’ll come back to.. hehe..


..the small world lighting up even from afar.. =)


..one of the people you’ll meet along the way.. in or out.. hehe.. they really don’t move.. coz, well they’re concrete hehe..


..would’ve been better if it was clear but it’s totally wonderful still.. =)

.. a very emotional end to my day at Disneyland.. i don’t know but there’s something about the music and the fireworks and all the believe-in-your-dreams stuff that really captured my heart that night.. it was so magically moving to see the fireworks lighting up the sky with the words of the Disney characters and soundtracks in the background.. made me believe that dreams can come true and that there is still magic here in my heart.. the magic i thought i lost a long time ago.. after spending some hours inside Disneyland, parts and most of me don’t want to leave anymore.. and my dream workplace had been Disneyland starting that day.. i never really expected and it haven’t entered my mind that i would be loving this place much more than i ever could imagine.. rain now, reminds me of the day spent in Disneyland.. then all the memories of happiness come down on me like the drops of rainwater that fall from the sky.. and it feels wonderful.. hopefully you could also enjoy your day at some place that could really bring you joy and realizations you never thought you could think of.. and then bring out the hope and magic in your hearts that you once have kept and forgotten starting from the day you accepted you are an adult and forgot to get in touch with the child in you.. the reason for my liking Disneyland must’ve been because of the joy it gives people and kids especially.. and since it is said, once you gave joy away, more of it will come back to you.. i sure do like the thought.. hehe.. and for sure, i’ll be back.. i still need to get inside the hotels and spend a week or at least a month there haha… i’ll be back Disneyland. =)

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