Up, around and down the Macau Tower


..coz i was just standing on the bus trying not to mind the motion sickness i’m feeling.. hehe..


..the miniature of the giant thing.. hehe..


..how much cuter can the upside down hanging bear get? hehe..


…tada!.. we’re on the top! of the Macau Tower! hehe…


..here’s a view of the city below.. everything below looks small… hehe


..structures below seen on top.. with my foot.. hehe


..my foot with the road below.. feeling like a giant.. hehe


.. i was just testing the strength of the flooring with one foot a while ago.. now let’s try two.. seems strong enough.. hehe.. the white thing on the left is the body of the tower by the way..


..seen anything interesting?.. look at the reflection on the water.. looks like lightning coming from the building.. hehe.. zeus, is that you?


.. then there’s me trying to have a silhouette pic with the view as the background.. still have some adequate light to see some of my features though.. hehe


..the body of the tower.. climbing up and going down the tower just takes seconds even with 50+ floors to pass through.. i sometimes feel weightless during the ascend and descend..


..there’s a bar at the top but well we didn’t go there to drink.. hehe.. so just a pic will do.. =)


..some of the many roads below.. even the waters are crossed..


..here’s another view of the roads with the still slightly vacant island beside.. this island must still be undergoing planning for construction..


then here’s me with my selfie.. hehe.. hmm.. looks good.. hehe =)


..just to have a different pose, i did this.. hehe..


..a variance in pose.. hehe =) looks so gloomy outside.. coz it is.. rain was just hanging around and we’re all waiting for the down pour.. but it didn’t.. we’re so blessed.. =)


..coz we were so caught up with the people jumping off the tower we weren’t able to take pictures of them.. hehe.. and oh, while we were on our way out, we saw a guy having a “will you marry me” sign and he’s planning to jump off with it.. such a breathtaking proposal.. literally.. hehe =)

here’s our few hours stay at the Macau Tower.. it’s like another dream being here and being way up at the top of the tower and seeing people jump off the edge before your very eyes and not being able to see them again coz they were somewhere in the middle of the height of the tower.. then seeing that guy with the sign made the stay a bit more special hehe.. i highly recommend taking a stroll on the viewing deck of Macau Tower.. it made me realize that even if i’m at the very top, i’m still quite small.. hehe.. i honestly didn’t want to leave the tower until night falls to see the lights of the city but we still have places to go, sights to see and experiences to experience which will be posted here soon enough.. hehe.. =) our trip’s not over yet..

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