from Senado Square to St. Paul’s ruins


..Senado Square at night.. =)

DSCF6396 you’ll have a view of the other side of where we are standing at..

DSCF6399’s another structure that can be found there.. forgot the name though.. hehe

DSCF6400’s a look at it without me.. hehe..


..these taste so good!! and the good thing is that they can give out some samples which seem to be unlimited.. it’s not the only store that gives out samples, most of the stores here give out their own.. after taking a stroll on these streets, you’ll get out full.. hehe.. =)


..wishing we could really have gotten here earlier, but this is all the time we had.. so even in the darkness, all smiles to get some pics with the ruins of St. Paul.. =)


..another pic with a flash.. =)


..this is what the ground looks like when you’re on the facade of the ruins.. looks beautiful from up here.. getting up the ruins require climbing a number of stairs i don’t know how many.. yet it’s all worth the effort.. =)


..we haven’t found a wand but we got close to one.. it’s a big magic paintbrush! hehe.. the paintbrush lets you draw or scribble on the white board through the sensors.. may sound like child’s play but anything that seem to be magical, i’m so up for it! =)


..another view from below.. with a pamphlet given out about the event happening at the ruins.. and yep, the big paintbrush has something to do it.. it’s like an art exhibit with the use of digitals/electronics..

DSCF6440’s one of the must see’s in Macau though i honestly forgot what it’s called.. i sound like an old person for forgetting things.. hehe.. but i agree that it’s a must see indeed.. =)


..the view farther away from the ruins.. =)


..Macau ain’t only famous for the views, it’s also famous for the egg tarts!! yummy egg tarts!! i missed eating those already.. most of the stalls we’ve passed by have ran out of it.. luckily, this one still have some.. =)


..Macau is so lively and colorful at night.. the lights on the stores and streets could deceive you with the exact time.. hehe..


..this is the pink house.. (yeah, it’s pink..just doesn’t look like it much..) they say it’s the governor’s house.. well, i’m with the governor.. with a very stressful job, i surely do need a wonderfully colored house.. =)


..this may not make sense much but it’s the lights we passed by on the way to our next stop.. hehe.. made a cool effect so i decided to post it here too.. hehe..

this is what mostly happens when we take pictures at night.. it’s both few and blurred.. hehe.. maybe our cam is not really for night shots or it’s just that we don’t know how to set it correctly.. anyway, we have few shots with the places coz our night ain’t over yet.. so to have at least some pics with the other places, we save our cam’s juice to last until our last destination for the night.. more is still yet to come.. =)

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