Finale of hotel hopping @Macau!!


..and upon our entrance we saw this.. live performance.. giving us the Hawaiian feel.. =)


..this peculiar hotel has a rectangular cut out in the middle giving you a view of the upper floors.. with the illusion of rain coming down.. it’s like a hotel in the middle of the jungle..


..yep, in the middle of the cut out was a fountain that shoots up occasionally and changes color at the same time.. it’s like nature lives within this hotel.. enjoying it much =)


..because we do a lot of hotel hopping, i sometimes forget what hotel we are in.. but as far as i can remember, this one’s at Sands.. a secret garden in the middle of the hotel.. this is the last place before we head back to Hong Kong..


..coz water brings so much luck for Chinese people, fountains never ran out.. and it’s always accompanied with lights that changes color.. this really inspired me to have one at home.. (sometime in the near future.. gotta work hard though.. )


..coz i can’t let the beauty pass without adding one more beautiful thing, i entered the frame.. haha.. places like these just makes me want to stay longer..


..behind those coverings is the casino which i am not allowed to enter.. hehe.. yet it was an opportunity to spend time outside and enjoy the sun and the view.. =)

DSCF6571 one’s allowed to sit here but this pic’s taken before we knew about that so the no-sitting-picture have taken effect after several shots hehe… really taking in the ambiance.. =)


..trying to get a shot that would be worthy of being seen in a postcard or poster.. hmm.. looks good enough for me.. and it’s just always an amazing sight to see that nature and modernization are in sync =)

DSCF6576 and my sister taking the center stage while we still have the chance.. just like any other tourists’ spots everywhere in the world, this place doesn’t run out of people as well…


..just random pics of the floras here.. photo skills on the work again.. =)


..having a peaceful stroll in the garden then out came a masked performer.. this is our first time ever to see masked performer perform in front of us.. he’s just like arms length away.. and yeah, they move fast with their changing masks.. impressive actually..


..few more pics of the masked man in action.. photo details i like are the shadow of the beams above then the sun’s light illuminating the varied spaces differently..


..pic a bit closer while in motion..


..he shook hands with some of the audience.. even with my sister but i’m so at awe i wasn’t able to take a pic.. kinda regained consciousness about what he’s doing so i managed this pic.. =P


..the soldier may not move that much but it’s because he’s pretending to be a statue.. we have gotten a chance to take a pic with him before he takes his post, and it was just rushed coz it’s technically not allowed.. hehe.. but he’s kind enough to entertain us.. =)

DSCF6588’s the huge statue seen in the previous pics.. it’s quite big really.. and there are some coins laid at its bottom and the curves where the coins can stand.. dunno what it’s for, but knowing Chinese people, luck would surely be one of the reasons.. me and my sister actually laid down some coins too.. and it’s a nice feeling for us to be able to do something the people here do.. this shot might even be taken by one of the Chinese people who laid there coins.. he courteously asked us for him to take a picture of us with our camera.. we agreed and so we have this.. we didn’t fail to thank him..


..while waiting for the shuttle, i noticed a door.. so gotta have a pic with the door.. =)

the shuttle would take us to the pier where we would ride a craft back to Hong Kong.. not expecting the ride would be easy and luxurious but it was… free snacks of noodles and drinks are served plus the comfy seats really did well to prepare us for the journey ahead.. we have no plans of stopping.. we get to places every second we have.. maximizing the time that we have in a certain place really helped in taking the place in.. it may be tiring to be always on the go, but there would be no regrets as to not being able to visit the place… so after Macau, back to Hong Kong for some more adventures and little mishaps here and there.. see the sling bag that i’m holding? .. we spent two days in Macau with just that.. toiletries and things are all inside that bag of ours.. travel light eh? we tried traveling lighter.. the other bag is for the “meat jerky” as we call it.. can’t let that go or let it get lost.. yummy food is stored inside, so safety and precaution is needed.. hehe.. really enjoyed Macau. now it’s back to Hong Kong.. =)

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