Binotas Beach, Quezon Province


..we are on a railway.. but out of the train!! this is called “skates” in Quezon.. it’s one of their transportation when going to places.. this is powered with a motor and if you’re near the engine.. better prepare your nostrils.. but since you’re riding this in an open space, with the sunshine, and the nature surrounding you.. the smell can definitely go unnoticed..


..yep, this railway is not for the skates alone.. some people can pop out of nowhere and walk along side the railway.. i really positioned myself upfront to be able to see the whole road.. and certain strength to stay on the skates is truly needed.. or else you’ll be rolling off.. it can sometimes tilt slightly to either side without warning.. so exciting.. =)


..our first look at Binotas Beach.. really looking forward to be on one of those floating cottages..


..yep, not far from the beach is this building of flour factory.. it’s just quite unusual to have a factory near a beach.. don’t want to get started on environmental issues.. =P


..without the nuisance.. a fuller view of the floating cottages.. and i was at first wondering how are we going to get on the cottages when it’s out there far off from shore.. but the people managing the place have clever tricks.. they pull it close but just enough for it to still stay afloat.. then we climbed aboard it of course with half of our body getting wet.. you can’t really expect a floating cottage to stay that long on shore.. hehe


..those pebbles, are actually underwater.. yep, that’s how clear the water there is..


..and this is the floor of the cottage.. it’s made up of bamboo tied together.. the hollow spaces inside the bamboo acts like air packets that make the cottage stay afloat..

32126_125047460857936_274943_n feet enjoying the clear water..


..we are not really far out from the shore.. but look who came by to see us.. these little fishes appeared a few minutes after our floating cottage was sent out farther.. we’ve tried dropping some pieces of bread on the water, and the fishes acted like a mob as they swam towards it..


..on the duration of our stay on the water, this little creature came by.. and because we are all curious, someone took out a bottle and held it in for a while.. we had a little debate about what it really is.. looks like a sea horse but i don’t think it is.. however, no worries.. this little guy went back to the sea after a few minutes of seeing our eyes search every bit of him..


..that’s hole on a very big rock with a tree growing around it.. the beach is called Binotas coz it means “a hole”.. some people said that the hole was made by the Filipinos in hiding during the time of the Japanese occupation.. this hole became a hiding place or a secret tunnel for many Filipinos trying to run away or hide from the Japanese..


..i had a chance to take a pic of the cottage from afar coz i asked them to take me out there.. i have a motion sickness which occurs so many times during our trip here.. so instead of watching me make a mess just to stay on the cottage, i chose to stay on the shore on one of the cottages that is on land and that doesn’t sway.. i was left alone, but i totally enjoyed it..

32126_125047537524595_5125741_n this is what the hole looks like inside.. the opening at my back leads to the beach.. the inconspicuous opening in front of me leads to the side of the road.. which unfortunately, i wasn’t able to take a picture..

32126_125047557524593_3859319_n this is what will greet you when go out of the hole.. nope, you can’t just jump out of the whole into the water.. there are big rocks, some of which are slippery that you have to tackle before reaching the water.. the branches above the picture are from the tree growing near the hole..


..this rock, behind me, is part of the rock that has a hole in’s actually on the bottom part.. and yep, there’s still that very big tree that gives a shade on this part of the beach..


..this is my last pic of the day on Binotas Beach.. the sun is slowly setting low on the crystal clear, and teeming with life beach of Quezon Province..

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  1. Manong Unyol says:

    gusto ko matry yung skates ng quezon hehehe

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