Kamay ni Jesus, Quezon Province


..the road taking us to Kamay ni Jesus.. it’s a winding one and is named after President Marcos.. not really friendly to people with motion sickness.. hehe..


..a clearer view of the road.. you see, while we we’re traveling here, the sun sometimes hide behind the clouds, the result of which is gloomy pictures.. but when it comes out, tada.. the road is like built on the side of a mountain.. trees are very much visible and abundant..


.. here’s the part of the road where its name is seen.. shown here is the significant name and date of the road.. this was actually a part of the shoot for Maalaala Mo Kaya where Bugoy and Aj Perez were the main characters..


..here’s a part of the pond found in Kamay ni Jesus..the flowing water.. the little fishes swimming.. the peaceful ambiance. truly fitting for moments of remembering the painful journey Jesus have gone through to save us all.. the place actually is like a whole place dedicated to the way of the cross where you have to go through different stations before you can reach the top..


..the path going away from the pond but coming closer to the path for the way of the cross..


..so here’s what you have to climb to reach the top of the hill where the very big statue of Jesus can be found which is quite similar to Christ the Redemptor in Brazil..


..a few levels up the hill, i looked back and took a picture..


..this is one of the stations we passed through on our way up..


..the steps leading closer to Him.. i didn’t mind the climb.. even if ‘m a bit out of breath and my heart is beating quite fast.. as long as i can reach the top.. it’s fine.. i know i’ll always be welcomed with arms wide open no matter how long it takes for me to climb..


..just a few more steps til i get to the very top.. notice how the structure is at the very top, yet still looks up? amazing how being on top can’t stop us from still looking up to the one who will forever be higher than us yet never gets tired of looking down on us to send his floods of blessings and help.. our distance from Him had never been an issue.. He’s still there and will forever be, i guess it’s just really up to us to extend our hand back to Him.. =)


..doesn’t really matter how high up i am.. i still look back at where i came from.. it’s quite interesting to see things way up when i am still at the ground level and to see things below from the high place.. gives a feeling of accomplishment and gratitude.. =)

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