Peeps of ZaNorte

60805_158072404222108_4786724_n these are just gonna be random pics.. this is the view when looking outside the resto where we have eaten.. lovin’ the sunny weather =)


..this is the inside of the resto.. it’s really nice because of the native feel of the place.. no aircon just fresh air with the help of some wall fans.. the bamboo used in the place added to the comfy and cool ambiance..


..these are some of the kids jumping on the water at the port for some coins.. yep, it’s not only in the northern part of the Philippines where the kids are doing this, down south of the Philippines, they’re present too..


..just some of the islands we passed by on our way to ZaNorte..


..these are the means of transpo we used going to Bajamunda where we stayed.. these are called tricycles.. the ones in Negros Occidental is quite different.. here they have the passengers face each other inside the tricycle.. plus points for socialization i guess =)


..even the division in the resto is made of wood.. and the deco are small shells. having combined these, gives an authentic tropical feel..

62825_158072750888740_4073020_n this is what the path leading outside of Bajamunda looks like in the morning.. the trees gives a cool and fresh soft breeze in the morning.. the gentle heat of the sun could really lift up the curve on our faces to face the day positively.. =)


..Rizal’s Shrine at ZaNorte.. this church is facing the big ground map made by Rizal.. the outside looks old but the inside looks kinda modern..


..standing below the name.. Yep, this is the entrance to ground map made by Rizal.. if only we have a bird’s eye view of this, we could really make out the map.. the blue color, represents the water..


..this is the inside of the church.. the swirling of the tiles above surely must’ve required a lot of care and precision..


..another shot of the church showing the ceiling and the posts that suppport the church..


..well coz i tried to take a pic of the ground hoping it would really look like a map.. but i don’t think it resembles one that much from this view..

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