The Ruins that made my day!


..because we have to make a couple of wrong turns to be able to reach our destinations.. hehe.. the road to The Ruins is quite a ruin itself =)


..when I first got here at The Ruins, the top portion didn’t have any glass on it yet.. Now on my return, it already had glasses on.. the place didn’t change much but the feeling of being here improved 100x hehe..


..just some of the souvenirs found at the place..


..coz i couldn’t ignore flowers.. especially roses.. so here’s a pic of one of the many blooming roses and flowers there.. these add a more romantic feel to the place.


..Here’s a pic of the Ruins on one of its sides.. the sky peeking out on the spaces between the columns giving a dramatic effect..


..a farther view of the ruins.. the skeleton of the place alone looks so grand.. imagine what it would have been like if it still has its complete components with the owners of the place telling the history of the ruins firsthand.. by the way, this place is located at the center of a sugarcane plantation.. quite hidden from the public..


..another flower.. this one’s placed on the ground facing the Ruins.. behind this plant are persons I’m dying to meet.. since I didn’t have that much courage yet, I just took a pic of the plant where I’m sort of hiding.. haha =)

DSCF0712 you can see, the Ruins is behind me.. and the plant where i hid can also be seen hehe..


..The Ruins ain’t just about itself.. there are other tiny details that can be found around the place like this one.. there is a reserved seat to complete the picture of Snow White with the dwarfs.. can’t pass as Snow White though because of my complexion.. the dwarfs don’t seem to mind anyway.. hehe =)


..i’m guessing this is a bell but it’s built down low.. anyway, it’s such a nice spot to have a picture still so here it is =)


..trying to get a good shot of the details of the Ruins..


..same pillars yet with an added tree.. hehe.. capturing this scene is like capturing it from a foreign country.. this place is just simply magical =)

DSCF0731’s teh famous tour guide of the Ruins.. he’ll make you laugh and learn a lot =)


..these details on the pillars may look like 2 Es but they’re actually 2 Ms.. symbolizing for Mariano and Maria, the couples who once lived in the mansion..


..more of the pillars.. they say that the structures here has eggwhites as one of its components that’s why it seemed to shine and glow..


..just trying to get my photography skills working hehe..


..this here shows the ground and the fountain.. if you could see the tower behind where a tree on the top grows, that’s the sugar factory of the family..


.more of the details of the mansion..


..this figure has some info about the place on it..


..the sundae of my Friday.. hehe.. these are the musicians strolling around the Ruins and serenading the guests.. you might still be able to catch them playing there.. they’ll be playing from 4pm to 8pm from October 17-20.. (was so surprised when these guys approached me haha.. dunno how to react =P )


..just a closer look at the fountain.. =)


..cherry on top..

DSCF0767’s another one of the attractions to be seen at The Ruins.. these quite big chess pieces are movable and you can really play with them.. just make sure you return them to their original places afterwards..


..the sun’s slowly setting and the place is just getting more and more enchanting every second.. wish i could’ve stayed until evening but responsibility’s calling me..


..this part of the mansion is one of those which doesn’t run out of people posing.. found a chance so tada!.. gotta pose here too =) (this stair is leading up to the second floor which unfortunately is closed for safety purposes..


..yep, this is the ruins.. this place holds such a romantic story and it would be perfect to listen to the story while you are at the venue.. my mind actually was racing with imaginations of how the place looks like before it was burnt, how the people are living there, and how did the stories unfold.. it was a wonderful moment with extra surprises at the sides.. will be back here for sure to watch the place glow at night! =)

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