Up Mt. Luho @Boracay!

First landing

There are at least three landings upon going up the steps. The first to greet you is this character. I honestly don’t know the name, sorry.. hehe.. But he’s still cute and it’s still a photo op. We both wear glasses as well. hehe.. The stairs on the right, the straight one, is for climbing up the peak. The one on the left, quite wavy, is the one used for going down. So the stairs are just one-way stairs. They may have also studied the effects of the steps coz look at the difference. This difference may have good effects coz I haven’t really experienced the hardship of going up and down or it’s just really the adrenaline.. hehe

the steps

Tada! The stairs leading up and down the peak! Quite surprisingly, I didn’t feel that tired going up and down! Maybe because of the way they designed the steps. You just need to take small yet close steps which I guess is better than big and wide steps.


Peeking through the trees! We are still on the stairs and I happen to look at the side and I saw this view. Quite hidden yet but I know once I have finished the climb, I’ll see a wonderful sight! And I did!


Meet my childhood friend, Doraemon! I have watched Doraemon since I was in elementary and to see this was a real treat! Doraemon can be found before going up the stairs leading to the highest peak even though we have already climbed many steps before reaching him.. hehe.. It was all worth it though!

The sea

Then another one. When you come to this corner, you’ll see a bigger view of the sea! Below, you’ll see the road you have traveled to get here and also the steps you have taken to be this way up the hill.

Another view

Another view! Now this one’s a building. hehe.. I haven’t really asked what’s the building for. To know more, I suggest you, again, visit the place. hehe.. It would be fun to discover things yourself once in a while. And maybe you could supply some of the missing info here. =)

A different view.

For a different view, the scene behind me is a golf course. But maybe because of the lighting, it can’t be that clear. But, yeah, there is a golf course behind me. hehe..


Coz I can’t help but try this contraption over here. Now to know what I see looking through it, you might as well just go there and experience it yourself! hehe… Those little tags at the wires are the locks left by people. If you look in closer, you might see who left it there and the statements written on it.


The panoramic view!

The view!

The sea, sky, sun, and the sand below! Up here, you can turn 360 degrees and your eyes would have already seen the whole of Boracay! Different activities can be observed here as well. There are people enjoying golf on one side, then on the other a Zorb is rolling down the hill towards the pool. Being in an open place like this makes one feel so close to the Creator and all His blessings shower down directly without any hindrances.

Love Point

Ocean Tower View Point may also be called Love Point. Several locks have been placed up there. Along with those locks are promises of different kinds, may it be for love, friendship, just about anything! It would be great to leave these locks here along with the promises made, then after some time go back to this place with the lock still in place and the promise still not broken.

Ocean Tower View Point

Here’s someone taking in the beauty of the place! Would’ve stayed here longer. Places like this one, gives me so much peace inside. The view of the sea, trees, nature in general is such a therapy no hotels or spa services can offer. =)

Ocean Tower View Point

Up at the Ocean Tower View Point is a place for you to take in the view as well as to take in some delicious food! This place offers both! Gastronomical and visual feast!

Ocean Tower View Point

Ocean Tower View Point! This is already up Mt. Luho, the highest peak in Boracay. Means of transportation? ATV and Buggy! There must have been other means but it is more fun and exciting to ride either one of the two!


All geared up and ready to go!


ATV Ride! One of the most thrilling thing I have experienced! Simply because I don’t know how to drive it hehe… I also didn’t know we would be going up and down the road with other vehicles passing by which added more thrill to the driving experience! Thanks to my guide for making sure I don’t bump into the side or be run over by other vehicles. hehe..

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  1. wandrisk says:

    I noticed someone from Singapore kept coming back to this post. Hope you like it! Thank you so much for the view! =)

  2. fmds says:

    ung sa padlock po, dun din po mkabili?

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