Trick Art Museum at Boracay


Umm…Happy birthday?… Yeah, the main focus here is the magically floating pouring bottle of wine and the almost floating glass as well!


Coz this foot haven’t touched the ground yet, lemme touch it. But mind you, I have no interest in cleaning it whatsoever! =P


What’s with that stance? I’ll pay for the ticket, okay?


I look like an attacking robot! (Ugh, fighting stance was something I wasn’t able to absorb from Bruce Lee when I met him at Madam Tussaud’s in Hong Kong -_-)


It seems like it’ll take more a smile than strength to open up these bars! Out of prison, quick!


Coz I’m thinking of re-sculpturing this piece.. Lemme hammer the head off.


They’ve been sleeping while at work! Lemme wake them up. (Not so good position with my hands though.. -_-)


Sailing through Venice! I have already gone to Macau’s Venetian and now this. Maybe the third time I’ll have something to do with Venice, it’ll be the real thing.


We may not be matched in size, but we might be so in height! Ready to tackle the big guy!


Scaring that mummy kinda made me thirsty.


I’m Santa’s (little) helper! It’s never too early for Christmas!


If you scare me… Lemme scare you back! haha… I can’t beat your mouth though! =P


Not so sure if a female is allowed to be in this Egyptian antique but since it doesn’t say anything there, it’s a photo op!


I was supposed to be at the center so I don’t stabbed…or scratched by these… but I guess my sister forgot to make me move a little to the center. =P


Let me put that hat back on… The person in the portrait is kinda having second thoughts about it though… hehe

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  1. Kay says:

    Ah great fun ! Cool pictures !

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