Nan Lian Garden


The map of the Nan Lian Garden! It’s this wide! Who wouldn’t want to feast their eyes on such a wide garden?! I surely wouldn’t mind spending so many hours just walking around the garden. I’m more of a naturalist so this is one of my things. hehe. =)


Entrance to Nan Lian Garden. There were some monks when we got there but we don’t really know if they would let us have a picture with them, so we choose not to. No one can really speak the language they use here, so better not to bother people that much.


Some signs we honestly couldn’t understand but shows that we’re somewhere Chinese inhabited. =)


The welcoming view of the wooden structure that contains more wooden miniature structures. No picture taking allowed inside though.


Another view of the structure that houses the miniature of some buildings, temples, or castles found in China. These miniature structures are made out of little wooden sticks that are held close together. No camera or picture taking is allowed inside so if you’re wondering what to see inside, you might as well visit the garden yourself =) It shouldn’t be missed.


More of the greenery of the garden. If only I could have a garden this wide and beautiful!


I so like the fence and the lamps found inside the garden. It’s so peaceful to look at and goes with the nature theme.


The interesting structure with the shrubs and the partly covered bridge.


Here’s one of the interesting structure to be found here. Yep, it’s forbidden to enter the place as well. But it’s still a photo op! Contrast of the traditional structure to the modern ones.


Water is almost everywhere in the garden.


Stone-made pathways which still can’t be passed. It’s more of an inspiration for your very own gardens at home. I wouldn’t mind having this much area as a garden, honestly.


Some of the halls you’ll get to see when walking around the garden.


One of the ponds you’ll see in the garden in the middle of the city. Kois are so abundant here and must have been enjoying the wide space they have.


Another view of the bigger pond!


This bridge is the same bridge in the next picture. Just a different view. So this is what we’ll see when passing the bridge if we could but couldn’t..


One of the bridges we can’t pass through. This must have been placed here as merely a design not meant to be used. Looks good though.


Here’s wheel made of wood turned by water.


So here’s more of the garden part of the place. Sorry little girl. Didn’t mean to capture you on cam. =)


I really love taking pics of places at different angles. It’s like seeing different sides of a person.


The city behind this garden. If it seems that time stood still at the garden, this view shows time keeps on moving.


Another lamp with a slightly different design yet the lotus is still present. This must be more enchanting at night. But we don’t have the whole day here.


I bet these things light up at night! I was so drawn to the intricate designs of these lamps. And I definitely identify the lotus!


Here’s my sister again standing beside these bell looking things at the door. (Pardon me for not knowing what they are called.) But we have seen things like these in the movie Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith where Jaden rubbed his hands on these coz it is said to bring good luck… So me and my sister did the same. hehe =)


Viewed at a father angle now showing the path which you walk upon, the fence of the pond, the pond itself, plus the background of greenery and buildings. It’s like stepping back in time.


Viewed at a different angle showing more of the greenery at the back of the halls and part of the buildings at the background as well.


The corner part of the pond with the heads still present. The paths and the fence on the pond are all grayish white which somehow makes the structures and the greenery pop.


And then there’s me! About to go up the stairs to Chi Lin Nunnery. The stairs are grayish white my shirt almost blended in. It’s a big structure by the way, just fitting for the greatness of Buddha.


Here you can see the halls, the pond, floating water plants, and the unending flow of the water from the mouths of the creatures.


Here’s my sister helping to point out the way to Chi Lin Nunnery Buddhist Halls.


Floating water plants adds color to the place.


Posts like these will definitely help you lessen the questions you have about the place.


This is to give a bigger view of the Chi Lin Nunnery Buddhist halls. More can still be seen here but some are off limits for the camera. And those that are off limits usually are the awesome things you wouldn’t want to miss! Here’s someone hoping to be back! =)

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