Shatin Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery


Since I’m not really accustomed with the new settings on my blog, you will be reading it from bottom to top! hehe.. Still finding my way with the updates. Anyway, our climb to the very top of the place may be tiring but very much fulfilling! Worshipers of Buddha would gladly take the path as an act of worship. So much more can be seen on this place. What I’ve shown here are just like sneak previews. Some of the structures are prohibited to be taken pictures of. The onse shown here are not so here are the Buddhas on the way down.


This Buddha has many faces and limbs in one body.


This is a very tall structure (the reason the pic is slanting) containing more Buddhas on it as you can see in every window.


This one has a striking blue color.


This caught my attention because of the many hands that come out of its sides.


More Buddhas still.


And we’re at the very top! Behind me here is a little tent with a little Buddha inside at the center of a vessel with container. Some signs tell that we should bathe the Buddha with water for luck.


Buddhas to guide you. So there’s no problem with directions here. These guys will surely help you out.


Buddhas on the way down.


Won’t miss details. I’m this drawn to the place that most of the details should be given attention.


This is found inside another temple.


We tried to fit in with the structures.


For different Buddhas may have different significance.


This structure if sound between two temples.


The facial hair makes it look like Christ when you first look at it. Though I guess this is another face of their Buddha.


For some reasons, this man opened up plastics containing fish to the pond containing so many turtles.


These Buddhas are still part of the thousands. However, it seems like it’s already off limits. So you can only view it from here.


Be mindful of the signs. It will tell you if you can’t take a picture of the place or you can take pictures but with no flash. Never ignore these signs if you don’t want to be scolded by Chinese temple caretakers. Respect is very important, remember it well.


A clearer view of the city below. Behind the ancient feel of being surrounded by the Buddhas, looking at this view brings you back to the modern times.


This is from the same temple. This design is found on the wall.


Some of the details found on the ceiling of the temple.


This is the big Buddha found inside the temple with Buddhas in its facade. This is the only Buddha we were allowed to take picture of. Those little squares at the back actually contains little Buddha inside. We were only allowed to look at them but no picture taking.


Another temple found in this place.


Outside the temple! Buddha structures still are in abundance! Behind those Buddhas at the back is the view of the city below.


This structure is found inside the same temple where the red-faced person riding the horse is found.


I really don’t know who are the characters found inside the temples. So if you know, please do share some info =)


Buddhas found inside one of the temples at the top.


Just a few more steps.


Coz wherever we go, Buddhas are sure to follow. More and more Buddhas came into view. This time with black hair on them.


We can see it! The top! More Buddhas to come.


Just a little look back at the Buddhas we have passed by upon climbing the stairs.


We are nearing the top!


More of the many faces of Buddha.


‘was surely nice just hanging out with the Buddhas.


A closer look at the Buddhas.


The Buddhas just kept on coming! More can be seen at the top so there’s no stopping now.


And higher we go!


Places for rest are also provided at intervals. So if you feel like a minute or two of rest will help you in reaching the top, do so. Also, remember to bring with you adequate water. When climbing the place at this weather (sunny), it is very important to be hydrated.


As you can see, there is not a path that has no Buddhas on the side. We haven’t really counted each Buddha because we’re somehow fighting with our huffing and puffing due to the climb.


A close up with one of the Buddhas.


And higher we go. The path has a slight inclination which makes it easier to climb. Along the paths, some trees will give shade so better keep on walking until you reach the shade or you’ll be stuck under the sun.


It can’t be denied that we are in a place with ten thousand Buddhas. Upon entering the place, this is what will welcome you. Various Buddhas from either sides.


Welcome! This post will give you a view of the Shatin Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery! Just a head up, when you visit this place yourself, remember to be mindful of your actions and noise. Chinese people and those who worship Buddha finds this place as a sacred one so noises should be kept down low as a sign of respect.

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