Northland Resort, Manapla


One of my first looks at this resort. As you can see, there’s this some sort of islet in the middle of the pool. Also, the sides of the pool have labels of its depth for safety purposes. Just a tip, when visiting this resort, be sure to be hydrated. It can get pretty hot especially in the summer sun.


At a different angle. This time, the islet is part of the concrete surrounding. The trees at the side of the pool can give a shade, even if it’s just a small shade. It still can be a relief in the middle of the summer heat.


Another angle. The part of this pool right here has white sand. I don’t really know how much sand is in there though.


This pool is found at the upper part of the resort. Mostly, kids are enjoying the water here coz it’s not too deep for them.


This is found at the lower part of the resort. This pool is their lap pool. The depth of this pool can range from 5ft up. Another tip, if you’re not that good at swimming, be sure to have some floaters nearby. It would be more helpful to have some concerned people around too. They can pull you to safety more easily and fast than floaters.


Just a little bit farther view of the pool for kids.


The building at the back holds other features. Shops, food stalls, billiards, and bowling activities can be found inside.


A closer view of the tree giving a little shade for the kids enjoying the pool.


Farther view of the lap pool. Lifeguards can be found in both pools so worries about people drowning are lessened.


A different angle. The resort have places where people can stay and eat. If these places are all used, they can still provide canopies. It should be noted that outside drinks are not allowed. They have their on store inside where you can buy drinks and other treats.


There was a tournament in bowling when we were there so we didn’t get to play.


A view of the back of the tree. The glass fence at the side prevents the kids in the pool at the upper part of the resort to jump into the lap pool. Aside from that, the fence also creates a shower effect for the lap pool.


Coz I can’t miss photo opportunities of things.


This is me on our way out of the resort.


Just a proof that I was really here. hehe =)


Just so you could see the white sand I was talking about. It’s much clearer here I guess.


I just usually pass by this monument without knowing the story behind it. Then we happened to get closer to it and read the writings. This is actually a reminder of a person who promised his little boy self that he will not be poor. And he is now, the opposite of poor.


We went out of the resort at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. We waited for a bus home in front of the resort. And that’s just what we have accomplished for almost an hour since every bus that passed our way are full of people. Until one of the tricycle drivers advised us to go into the center of the town, in their bus stop, to wait for the bus. And so we did. We were able to get on the bus but of course no seat was available so we have to stand for a couple of minutes before taking a seat in the seats vacated by those who have arrived in their destinations. For people who enjoy unfiltered sun and less of nature tripping, this resort is definitely for you.


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