Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong


Me and my sister with the Hong Kong skyline behind us. It just so happen that during our time of visit here, it was a bit gloomy. But no gloomy weather can stop our excitement of being here.


One of the most sought after structure on the Avenue of Stars. Having a proper picture with this structure needs effort coz people are flocking from every direction. =P


Peek-a-boo! This structure is one of the things that makes the avenue a fun place to be in. Interactive structures are scattered around so photo opportunities abound as well. =)


And action! One of the biggest movie clapper I have seen.


The group just chilling out while waiting for our grilled squid. The smell of the grilled squid is filling the air and we can’t help but be drawn to buying it. hehe..


One of the boats carrying passengers cruising the sea. It’s a pink one and then more of it’s beauty shows at night with all the lights on it.


Here’s a closer look. Even the background is getting a little prettier because of the lights.


And here’s the venue of that olfactory stimulating scent of the grilled squid. My sister’s lining up for it. And we’re nearing to the moment of tasting it.


Here’s a fuller pic of the store. I really find the wheels cute. It’s like a structure popped out of a story book hehe..


Chinese Junk! And by junk, I meant the kind of boat it is. It’s so cool up close. It’s like watching the ancient people sailing the sea right in front of your eyes.


The stretch of the stars. I really find the small lights on the path so cool.


Reaching for the stars? Done! Structure like these line up along the sides of the avenue.


Here we have Chow Yun Fat’s star. Yeah, no picky poses here.. haha.. the path seemed to be clean enough to sit on anyway.


Another one for Jet Li. His hand prints on my hand prints! hehe


Ready with your fighting stance? This structure behind me is so ready to fight! While I’m just chillin’ hehe


So you may be able to see who he’s fighting with. Tada! No one. That just means he’s prepared to take on anyone.


Another star for Stephen Chow! (plus my sis’s foot) =P


One of the lamps lighting up the place! Night is slowly approaching. Neon lights, ready to light up!


Lights! Camera! Action! They are so ready to film our stay here. hehe.. As you can see in the background, neon lights have already lit up. And in a few minutes, the festival of lights will beegin!


Same set with a slightly different cast.


Colorful lights flooding from every direction! The place becomes more alive with all of the lights!


Festival of Lights! The buildings in front of us put on a show with their lights along with the musical score.


After the super fun yet undeniably tiring (as well) tour of the avenue of the stars, we awarded ourselves with a yummy dinner at Cafe de Coral. Just be aware of the menu though, some meals just have meats alone while others like this one have some rice underneath all those delish sauce. The drink as well can’t be missed. Me and my sister totally enjoyed it (despite the fact that we doubted if it had some alcohol in it since it kinda taste weird but thankfully it didn’t have any.)


On our way home to our apartment! Coz the train is mostly full of people, we resorted to just stand, enjoy the ride, and hold on to the poles to avoid stumbling over! Besides, I personally enjoy listening to the woman announcing the stations. Guess which arm is mine.  =)

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