Balay Kauswagan, Sagay City


Blue sky with white clouds plus a little of the palm tree! Wonderful day to be spending at the pool.


Aaanndd, Tada! hehe.. well it may not look as welcoming on pic but it sure does when you see it with your own eyes. This is the bigger pool at Balay Kauswagan, Sagay City.


Now this, is a prettier angle. Balay Kauswagan has a building on it on which you will make your payments and even stay for the night. However, I wasn’t able to capture its beauty on cam. Might as well see it for yourself though =)


Just to give you a perception of how wide the pool is. The weather is kinda bipolar while we were here. So there are sunny shots as well as gloomy ones.


As you can see behind these lovely ladies are the cottages that you could rent. These cottages are situated in a reasonable distance away from the pool to ensure its cleanliness.


From another angle, with my lovely model here.. hehe.. =)


There is also a pool for kids so the whole family can enjoy. A slide is present for those kids who wants extra thrill.


Just a closer look at the pool (with yours truly hehe).. As you can see the place is surrounded by trees giving off a refreshing vibe.


One of the sunny shots. Two pools in one picture. Yep, there are only two pools at the place but how much pool do you need to get into in a day? So two is enough for this case.


A closer look at one of the cottages found here. It’s so Filipino because of its use of bamboo and nipa. The native feel of the cottages plus the abundance of trees surrounding area could really aid in the need for relaxation.

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