Little Jungle


Welcome to Little Jungle Resort! Here we have a monkey, a tiger and of course, the girl with the mermaid hair. She’s my willing model throughout the day. hehe..


Not to worry, no matter how much you look back at the monkey or tiger, they won’t move.


Before we went deeper into the “jungle”, we first have a pic with our giant eagle friend.


Aside from the “jungle”, this place also has a “zoo”. Notice all the quotation marks. You get the idea. =P


Some of the animals you’ll see in the “jungle” hehe.. They’re quite friendly… and rigid…


Look for the thing that’s missing. hehe


Since we are in a “jungle”, there are also “jungle” trees with “jungle”- sized leaves.


If you’re looking for something close to a real jungle, the back of the resort offers this view to take in.


To have a break from all the “jungle” aspects, let’s now move on to the pools! This one’s for the kids. The stairway of the left side of the picture is used to get to the slide.


Just another view of the same kiddie pool.


This pool is for the adults. It could also be for kids if the kids already know how to swim and aren’t afraid of the depth.


Same pool at a slightly varied angle.


Just an attempt at a more artistic shot of the kiddie pool.


Kiddie pool at a varied angle. So viewers can have a wider perspective of the pool.


The sides of the pool have something that you can cling on. And of course, the pool is best shared with friends.


The path separating the two pools. The black nets are for stopping the leaves from falling straight to the pool.


If you’re not much of a pool-person, you can go to one of the higher places of the resort and just look around like you own the place!


The view of the pool from a higher place.


On the pool for adults, there are things that sprinkle water. These things add more fun while enjoying the water.


One of the stairs leading to the CRs.


Aside from the pools, there are also cottages surrounding the pool area. The bamboo lining up at the right side of the picture have showers on them.


If you have some free time, you can do some barbecuing while some of your friends are already enjoying the pool. hehe.. The place also has a store where you can buy some basic needs.


Since this place is called Little Jungle, there should be a place for the king: The Lion! However, the lion must have been stuck on the concrete so the head was the only thing that got through.


At the back side of the resort, there is a wide space enough for small events. Or for jump shots which in this shot, failed. hehe..


There are varieties of cottages to chose from. Some have videoke, others have concrete seats and table, while some have wooden tables and chairs.


Or if you want to enjoy the great sun, you can just sit on this. As some would say, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re with someone who makes you happy.. (cheesy much =P )


If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to see some flowers blooming.


This is where another type of cottage starts. Let my model welcome you. hehe


Aside from the space behind the cottages, there is also a wide space found just a few steps higher behind the cottages.


So here’s a wider perspective of the space.

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  1. ana flor pacquiao says:

    Good morning.

    May i ask ur contact number… ill call for the reservation… tnx please txt me at 0950-6350-999

    • Dongking says:

      Kindly try to contact this number: 0908 140 9388. I am not connected with Little Jungle though. I just happen to visit the place and posted my experience there. =) Hope you’ll enjoy your visit.

  2. Jennifer Refe Guillema says:

    Iam really trying very hard to get a contact number for this reort if you know other then 0908 140 9388 pls message me on 0999 5103 412 pls very urgently

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