I haven’t really gone somewhere worthy of a blog post but I have somehow experienced the thrill of Dinagsa 2015!

Dinagsa is the city fiesta of Cadiz City, Philippines which is celebrated during the last week of January. Many activities are happening during this time, yet the highlight happens on the last Sunday of the month when the Ati-atihan competition and “Lamhitanay” takes place.

Various dancers and warriors from different baranggays converge to perform their modern/tribal/folkloric dances depicting the times when the natives first worshiped Sto. Nino. Here colorful costumes and energetic dances will fill your senses.

“Lamhitanay” is when people put different colored paint on anyone they want to. At times like this, people don’t really get offended when their clothes are stained with paints and their faces covered with it. Others are actually wearing white shirt so the different colors of paint will be visible. This shirt will then serve as their remembrance of the event. It’s quite exciting for you don’t really know who will put paint on you or when the paint will be put on you. Some people tend to surprise their “victim”. Just be wary though, some paint may accidentally be put close to your mouth or eyes. 😛

But all in all, when you want to have that “Party-party” mood, Dinagsa won’t fail you!10408663_1017492388280101_2855355833010456996_n

About Dongking

An old soul who loves travelling! (but my posts are mostly on the months of April and May when school's out) I'm someone who wishes to leave a positive mark on earth. =)

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