Dumaguete Port


We left Cadiz City at around 11pm. The bus ride would be about six hours long to reach Dumaguete City. This picture was taken at one of the 24-hour open fast food chains in the wee hours of the morning. It was still dark out and it seems like the place was quite surprised to serve more than 50 customers at that time. The flexibility of the employees could definitely be observed, be it in their serving of food or their ability to change attitude instantly. They seem to be stressed when turning their backs but when they face the customers, smiles could be seen.


The sea vehicle wasn’t due to leave until 7:30 am. So we just waited at the port for more than an hour. When you haven’t slept well the previous night, it’s very tempting to fall asleep. But no time for rest for now.


This is me and my sister. We walked out the waiting area expecting to board the vehicle. Turns out, it was not the right time yet so we just took the opportunity to have pictures taken. Right way behind us is the Silliman University. It’s not very visible though. =P


Behind that glass door is where we are staying while waiting for the vehicle. Took a photo of it since one of our goals in this trip to take a picture of every photo worthy scene and to take a photo of a scene with a place’s name on it seem to qualify.


Of course, since I’m into photography, taking pictures of things that let me do something more about it, is an opportunity I don’t usually let pass me by.


One of my most favorite pictures to take though I don’t usually succeed most of the time.


That’s all for now for our waiting time in Dumaguete Port. More pictures and stories to come. =)

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