400-year old Balete, Siquijor


The 400-year old balete tree in all it’s width and height! Balete trees are usually avoided by many people because of the spooky stories that are associated with it. Some say white ladies, kapres, and other supernatural being lives within the balete. We haven’t seen one when we were there but I believe that just like any other creation, it deserves respect. It is said that this tree had more roots before, however, some people cut some roots and a mysterious thing happened.


This is the clear water where the fish spa takes place. Those little grey oblong things floating are the fishes though they aren’t always that small. The tour guide even joked about the fishes being piranhas and sharks. But I doubt it hehe. Nah, these fishes definitely are not any of those. 


The camera was set in vivid mode hence the reddish brown color of the roots which makes the balete creepy, but it’s not really that bad. As you can see, the roots are touching the water. It is said that the water level once reached the rim of the concrete created around it. However, when some of the roots were cut off, the water then lowered. This is one of the mysteries this certain balete tree holds.


Just a closer look at the fish. Another mystery is the source of water and the source of fish for this place. These add to the interest and mystery of the balete tree. The water stays clear too and looks very refreshing. The people here are really doing their part in maintaining the cleanliness of the place.


Here’s our foot while letting the fishes do their work. It was very ticklish at first. I kept on pulling my leg up every time the fish are doing their thing. Then I tried so hard to keep my feet on the water and they indeed stayed there. However, I still kept on jerking my feet whenever I get conscious of the fish.


As I have said, the fishes aren’t always that small. Some fishes can grow up to that size and even bigger. There was actually one relatively big fish that just swims around. These bigger fishes are quite scary when they approach your toes and then starting to lightly bite. I can clearly see them opening their mouth and then I can feel my toes going inside their mouth a little bit with their little teeth scraping lightly on my skin. Shivers. hehe. But the place is definitely full of laughter and giggles as almost everyone feels ticklish. This makes the spooky reputation of the balete tree lessen a bit. I don’t about during night time though. hehe. =P

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