Capilay’s Spring Park, Siquijor


The view that’ll greet you when you enter Capilay’s Spring Park. The water is said to come from a spring. It was made to look like a pool and people are free to take a swim for free. The bottom is not concrete, it even has some rocks. (The colors are not very vivid since it was a cloudy and rainy day. But we took it as a rain of blessing. It was Sunday when we arrived in Siquijor and one of the tour guide said it didn’t rain until we arrived. So it’s like we brought the rain there ourselves hehe. )


I can’t let the opportunity of having my photo taken on this wondrous place pass by. Hehe. There are numerous concrete tables and chairs that was made to look like slabs of wood, surrounding the area. People can come here to have a picnic and then enjoy the refreshing spring water.


A little further inside the park is a grotto for the Virgin Mary. I wasn’t able to go further up partly because the trail was not fully fixed. However, this man beside me, (he’s a professor at the same time my grandfather) walked up to the grotto and went down with minimum effort. So the place is not only for enjoyment but can be for reflecting as well.


While we were there, we wondered why people are staying at the edge and holding out sticks with some nylon thread. We walked a little closer to take a look and then we realized they were fishing. There were actually little fishes on the pool and they were trying to catch some.


Another view from another angle. As you can see on the left side of the picture, these are some of the people enjoying the pool. They have some food prepared on the side placed on one of those concrete tables and chairs. No dress code to follow while swimming here. But I do hope the cleanliness of the place can be maintained. Actually, personally I don’t have that much issue with the cleanliness of the place coz it seems like it was properly maintained.


The pool extends beyond the bridge. The water is clear and that blue color may be caused by the pool’s depth. Behind the pieces of plywood is like a little stage with a roof. I guess it’s to keep the things dry while the owners are swimming. By the way, the model on the bridge, is my sister. =)


I always observe that people tend to flock around the name of the place to have their picture taken. I would be one of them too. However, I prefer to take a picture when we are nearing leaving the place. Usually, people would have finished taking pictures and the signage would be all mine hehe. (Not really. =P ) Around this time, the rain had stopped and Mr. Sun is slowly showing himself.

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