Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor


My first full view of the first level of the Cambugahay Falls! The refreshing colors of the water, trees, and sky really makes one feel summer is already here! The rope being held by the man in lemon yellow vest is used as a swing to jump from and then land on the water. I don’t think I have sufficient upper body strength to try it hehe.


Another view of the falls. They said the water is very deep and I guess it can be seen through the color of the water.


We went up a little to reach the first landing of the water. The water is relatively gentle. You can stand against its flow without much effort. Very clear water can be seen flowing towards the end of the landing to form the falls. It’s simply refreshing.


We are still standing on the first landing and yet behind us is another landing. Most people are staying on this first landing because the water is not very deep. The water looks like a mirror reflecting the beauty of its surroundings.


It’s a photo opp hehe. I just tried to have my photo taken without my shoal just hanging on my shoulders. I think it looks good. hehe =P


If you’re daring enough, you can try to do this. Do a back flip from the first landing and then land on the water below. I like taking pictures similar to this. It’s like the danger is theirs and the benefit’s mine hehe.. Just kidding, I don’t really ask people to do crazy stunts. I just look for the instances when they do and snap a photo.


We are returning to the top and I looked back to take a photo of this view. It’s like a treasure slowly being revealed as you go down and get nearer to the falls.


Trying to smile while catching my breath. When you are going with gravity (going down the path) it’s very easy. But when you go against gravity (going up), that’s when it becomes hard. There are a little more than a hundred steps going down an another hundred steps going up. A bit of a challenge but worth the view.


Me and my sister at the signage. It’s like we’re measuring our height through the yellow and black bands of the signage hehe. But we are not.


Across the signage is a shade where people can take a break and wait for their companions who are still struggling up the stairs or are catching their breath.


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  1. I think I should put this on my bucket list!

    If you are looking for other places to visit in the Philippines, you can check out and follow our blog! Happy trip ? – Jon

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