Larena Triad Coffee Shop, Siquijor


View along the road: lush green in front of the blue sea and sky. It’s a sneak peek of the beauty we are about to see.


The place is a coffee shop though they have other items on their menu. Triad is also a place for weddings. But since there are no events at the moment, let me take my seat at the center. hehe.


This beautiful place got the name Triad because upon looking out to the sea, one will be able to see three islands: Siquijor, Negros, and Bohol. But at days when it is a bit cloudy, the islands can be hard to spot.


Coz I have that tendency to always become the photographer in almost every place we go and take pictures of almost anything, tada! My sister is my willing model hehe. This view is seen when you turn your back to the sea.


When facing the mountain, this is seen. This place reminds me of Love Point, Boracay where you can see the most of the island.


I am fond of taking action photos but I also want to try to be in one. It’s quite fun. When they capture our photo which looks like we’re floating on air, I think it’s really cool. hehe


We went to Triad as a large group which somehow gave us the opportunity to do almost whatever we want. So here’s one of them, after jumping around taking photos, one of our companions asked us to point upwards at nothing in particular. Hehe. Our other companions were just looking at us and being supportive, they didn’t say a word about what we are doing. =P


So it seems like I’m not the only one who wish to be a photographer. We have one companion who really likes borrowing our camera to take our pictures. We let him coz through that, me and my sister could be in the same picture at once. So if you see me and my sister together in a single frame, it’s definitely taken by him.


Just trying to be a model too. =P I said I tried, I didn’t say I am one. hehe. The sun, sea, sky, and the mountains! Gorgeous.


The roof structure of the coffee shop. There’s another structure where people order their food and they can also sit there as well. However, the view on this half a circle roof is really breathtaking that eating or drinking here would be more appetizing.


The inside of the half circle roof. The floor reflecting the chairs, tables, and people adds a nice touch to the place. Me and my sister didn’t order anything though coz we stick to the rule of watching what we eat or drink while traveling to avoid unnecessary circumstances that could potentially ruin our adventure. You know what I mean? =P It would be nice to stay here until the sun sets and even when the dark comes. I guess the city lights would also be lovely to watch. We can’t stay til that time coz we still have one last destination. There we will stay for the night.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! I just wish I can take pictures as well as you do haha!

    If you are looking for other places to visit in the Philippines, you can check out and follow our blog! Happy trip ? – Jon

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