Salagdoong Beach Resort, Siquijor


The view that greeted us upon arrival at Salagdoong Beach Resort! Clear skies, pristine waters, the breeze, and the sun welcomed us.


The first view was on the right, this one’s on the left. The pristine waters continue to take our breaths away.


After viewing the right and left side, now here’s the center. It is very tempting to step into the water however, we still had a place to go to which is the Triad. So we just enjoyed the view at the moment.


Hotel Agripino accommodated us during our stay. It was quite a challenge to reach the hotel as it was situated at a higher part of the resort. You can choose between the stairs or the sloping road. We just alternate our path since there are no other way to get there.


And this is our lovely room. It’s very simple which I liked most about it. There are times when we travel and then we enter our hotel rooms, we can see a television and others would have wi-fi connections. I don’t know if our hotel room has a wi-fi connection, but it definitely didn’t have a television.


For the lack of television, we still have this magnificent view outside our room. We woke up early the next morning and look out on the balcony of our room to see the sun slowly lighting up the place. Our room has a balcony facing the sky and the sea. Wondrous.


After having breakfast, we strolled along the seashore and took some more photos before leaving the place. This was taken under a very big rock which was slowly shaped by the water to have this cave-like appearance. It was gloomy when this photo was taken so the blue water at the back, couldn’t really show its color.


Another very big rock can be found just a few meters away from the first rock we saw earlier. This one has a slide from the top leading to the sea. There are two slides. The one visible on this side is broken though. The rock seemed to have a life of its own as trees continue to grow on it. The night before, me and my sister ate our supper under the stars looking at this side of the beach. We just watched and listened as the waves come and go on the shore. It was very peaceful.


So Salagdoong has a lot of rocks, hehe. Another photo opp for us then. The waves are crashing on the rock and we were just hoping that it won’t drench us as we have to travel back to Dumaguete in a few minutes and we won’t have much time to change.


I guess they’re being quite friendly with nature as they just made the concrete look like wood instead of using real wood. This bridge leads to the rock with slides.


The rock also has two levels for those who would like to dive from high places. This one’s the higher level. We aren’t really friends with high places but we still have our photo taken. Who knows when will we be able to come back here. Better take that chance.


If you’re daring enough, well you can sit near the edge of the jumping point just like we did. hehe. It was thrilling to do but we did enjoy doing this.


This is just a few steps away from the jumping point. It’s quite hard to stand here but nah, photo opp. haha =)


A look at the very beautiful waters of Salagdoong Resort. Blue water against the green leaves against the brown rock. Contrast can still bring about beauty.


Can you tell what those little black things that are seem to be in groups are? I’ll tell you, hehe. They are fishes. School of fish, I guess. The water must be that supportive for aquatic lives to have these fishes hanging out near the shore.


This one’s on the second level of the jumping point, the lower one. The place was dry so we can seat even closer to the edge. The water below must reach at least fifteen feet deep I guess. I’m no swimmer, so let’s just leave the water alone.


Rocks galore! Me and my sister still have some spare time left to just hang around the rocks, close to literally just hang around the rocks. hehe.


The shore doesn’t look very white because of the gloomy sky. Though the fun of looking through the washed up corals and walking on them is still there. There are also some hermit crabs walking around. We try catching some just to have a closer look. They ended up jumping from our palms and running away.


It’s time to gather our things from the hotel to start another trip back to Dumaguete to visit another resort. Let’s leave the hermit crabs alone now. hehe


The hotel has three landings. We need to pass through these three landings to get to our room. It’s already tiring to reach the doorstep of our hotel and we still need to pass through the landings. Our legs and lungs must have undergone quite an exercise. This was taken at the last landing before the floor of our room.


Then there’s the room’s balcony. We couldn’t quite figure out how to shut and lock the sliding glass door so we just closed it without locking when we went to sleep the previous night. I slept on the foam on the floor as we had only one bed that could fit two persons. It was quite creepy to sleep in a place where people have lots of spooky stories to tell with the sliding door not being locked. hehe. I survived though.


There’s the slanted front view of our hotel. At night, lights can add to its beauty but since we don’t have enough power in our camera the night before, we weren’t able to capture it.


The rotonda near the entrance. I don’t know why my sister was posing like this but just let her be.


Here we are with our bags in hand. The tree behind us has some vivid flowers and gives nice shades. Photo opp for us!


This place should have given a vivid blue color of the sea, but again the sky’s gloomy. However, no gloomy skies can stop us from enjoying the place. We actually just left our bags on one of the chairs near the exit and rushed to this place since we weren’t able to have our photos taken here. We ran to get here, the other end side of the resort. haha


The other end is over there by the big rock with slides. The sun’s slowly coming out from the clouds, so are the colors of the place.


Our bus had arrived but for just one last photo. My sister is sitting on the edge of a swimming pool (with no water at the moment). Visitors must have an option on where to enjoy but the pool was dry while we were there. Off to Dumaguete now!

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