Siquijor Wrap-up


Siquijor may once had a spooky reputation because of the said supernatural beings that inhabit the place. Honestly, when we were first told about the trip to Siquijor, I too was quite hesitant. But when we reached the place, my hesitation just turned into pure excitement. Siquijor offers a lot of fun activities and places. Add to the historical significance of the places we have visited. These somehow overshadow the dark side of Siquijor which I honestly didn’t see. The tour guide did talk about faith healers, but they are mostly found at the mountains and only very few are practicing faith healing. Also, they can offer potions if you know where to go. (I don’t know where to go though, hehe). Will I go back to Siquijor? Definitely! Siquijor is not fully developed and commercialized which I really like. It still has that relax and chill vibe. When you want to escape from the busy city life and just be able to enjoy nature, then Siquijor can absolutely be a place for you. However, if you want to have adrenaline pumping activities, you might find yourself one while exploring the island of Siquijor. Nexxt stop, Dumaguete! 



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