Antulang Beach Resort, Dumaguete (Cliff)


Through the leaves, twigs, and branches, the blue water peeks through. What a nice welcome view upon arrival!


Overlooking the vast sea with varying shades of blue. Sunrise should be lovely here. But the remaining of the day must be spent first.


The cliff. Contrast in colors do wonders for the view. We actually weren’t so sure if we were allowed to go down the path, but there was no keep out sign so we just explored the place took in its beauty.


Coz I don’t want views to just be kept on my mind, I want them on screen. hehe.. so this is captured. Because of the white sand, the relatively shallow water seems to be glowing.


I can’t let the view be taken a pic without me on it, can I? hehe. It’s quite thrilling to be standing on the path with waves crashing the sides of it. Sometimes, sprays of water can even reach the pathways. It’s like a game of chance, will you be sprayed or not. hehe


The view of the cliff taken from where I was standing previously. The huge rock was like the very foundation of the place and then was slightly altered to make this path. Ok, I’m not sure about the degree of the alteration of the rocks. I just hope it wasn’t that much. Great for photo shoots though.


Going further through the path, one will reach the stairs leading to the other side of the rock which is still a continued path towards another door to the inside of the resort. The blue water looks very inviting but the waves crashing underneath could make you think otherwise. hehe


A post card worthy view of the path. This view stayed on my mind even when I close my eyes. It’s that hypnotizing. hehe


Hanging out near the cliff isn’t a problem. This is one of the places overlooking the blue water of the sea. It has tables and chairs, and also a roof so it’s perfect for chilling out with while having a meal or just refreshing with drinks.


Antulang Beach Resort has many places good for photo opps. It could be one of the photographer’s paradise because of the many lovely views it offers. So I tried my camera-clicking skills here too.


This is another hangout place which overlooks the sea. The vastness of the sea and sky seemed to give you freedom to let your thoughts out and have a refreshed mind afterwards.


Antulang has a lighthouse and it’s positioned in front of this white chair I’m sitting on. We weren’t able to get a pic though coz we only knew of it a few hours before we leave the place. hehe


As I said, it could be a photographer’s paradise. Or is it just mine. hehe..


Aside from taking photos, I also would like to have my photo taken. Sitting just like a boss.


A static vehicle is found right in front of the reception building. And then right behind it is the customized welcome sign. We were quite surprised to see but I guess it comes with having reservations.


One of the rocks found when you step down from the path. To get here you need to jump or make wide steps on smaller rocks. Just be very careful of one fall could give you numerous bruises or scratches because of the sharp and blunt edges of the rocks. hehe. These are just the cliff side and other structures we have strolled around on our first day in Antulang. More is yet to come. =)

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