Antulang Beach Resort, Dumaguete (Infinity Pool)


Our photographer can’t get enough of us! =P haha.. We are on our way to the pool!


Tada! The infinity pool! I really find it cool the way they placed the pool to make it look like it can extend to the sea. Someone else might have been taking our pic coz we are not looking at our cam hehe.


We reached the edge of the pool without falling off. Though you can fall off if you want. hehe.


I haven’t been to any infinity pool before this. But I really liked the way they have designed the pool. It has an elevated area where you can sit on which could make you look like really sitting on the water or on the edge. It’s not visible on this angle but I am sitting on it at this shot.


Then our photographer would like to take a picture of just me and my sister. So Miss Irene would have to leave the frame for now. hehe.


We’re standing on the water! Not. hehe. So we tried to stand near the edge of the infinity pool. It’s quite thrilling to be doing this since there is a drop behind this pool. If you have seen the balcony overlooking the sea in my previous post, that’s what’s behind this pool. It’s not a very long way down, but it would still definitely hurt if you would fall off. =P


So here’s the roof on one of the hangout places overlooking the sea. You an almost touch it while standing on the infinity pool. It’s such a nice feeling to just stand and marvel at the beauty and vastness of the sea and sky.


The pools has various water levels. The infinity pool has an inside pool for kids, then for those who can conquer a depth of 5feet, and then another one which is like the size of the kiddie pool but with a depth of approximately 15feet. It has a warning sign on it but some swimmers don’t really mind and still get inside to try to fathom the depth. One of our company succeeded others did not but they are all still alive today hehe.


In front of the pools is this dining area. It’s spacious and is good for large crowds of about more than 50 people. They also serve complimentary juice some served on unique glasses upon arrival.


This is what the edge of the infinity pool looks like on the other side. Because of the elevated part, it’s easy to pretend like a mermaid hehe. You can also lie down and stare at the sky and stars. The sunset was on the other side of the resort though. We also weren’t able to chase the sunset coz we enjoyed the pool that much. But the wondrous light of the sun setting can still be observed on the sky even if you are still on the pool. We wondered how the place will look like at night. The next post will show it. =)

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