Antulang at night, Dumaguete


Antulang by day is breathtaking, at night…magical! We haven’t really asked about the flower at the end of the name Antulang. Maybe you can discover the story behind it when you visit the place. =)


Here’s the reception area at night. There’s just something about yellow light and what it does to a place. Yes, we are in our jammies already hehe. After approximately an hour of being on the pool, we washed up and changed into jammies before exploring the place at night.


Walking along the paths with varying sizes and brightness of lights made me feel like we’re walking in a fairy’s garden.


The sky was quite clear while we were there. One of our college profs took the chance to talk about astronomy and its practical application in life situations. We were given tips on how to know your location with just the aid of stars. It was so cool. I guess it would be nice if astronomy class is really held under the stars and then the learners can apply the concepts in an authentic situation.


Now let’s move on to the pool. This one’s not part of the infinity pool but it has a bridge across a part of it. The lightings on the pool add another magical touch to the place. The orange structure there is the dining hall.


And here’s the bridge I was talking about. It has adequate lighting and makes one feel like walking around the Venetian Hotel in Macau (or at least that’s how it made me feel…memories of Macau rushing in..)


The inside of the dining hall. The high ceiling, chandeliers, paintings and the yellow lights brings such comfy and homey feel to the place. One of the reasons why we feel so comfortable staying at Antulang is that it’s like our group has the whole place to ourselves. It was easy for us to move around and enjoy the place with people we know.


This is the stage in front of the tables and chairs inside the dining hall. It was designed just right with orange and blue curtains hanging from one of the ceiling supports. It’s also spacious so the emcees of events held here would have a lot of place to move about. For the moment, I just used it for photo opp. hehe.. (There are still ssome people left eating in front of us, good thing they don’t mind) =P


So the bridge isn’t just for walking on but also for sitting on and taking pictures. hehe. Balance was our friend in this shot for if we fall forwards, we’ll hit the concrete, if we fall backwards, we’ll get soaked. Luckily none of the mentioned situation happened.


With the magical lights surrounding the resort. My sister can do some weird poses especially if she don’t know how else to pose. hehe. There are various paths to choose from so it’s quite fun to take a different one when going to another part of the resort.


Me on the bridge with the dining hall at the back and the pool water below. The lovely music coming from the dining hall adds up to the magical feel of the resort.


Infinity pool at night. It still is an infinity pool, however instead of extending to the sea, it looks like it’s extending into nothingness hehe..


The bridge can offer various views at various angles.


Let’s just say we can’t get enough of the bridge and how photogenic it is hehe.


This is the last of the bridge photos hehe. The white light at the back which looks like a box is actually a man-made mini waterfalls.


The place may have some dark areas because the lights are scattered. But instead of feeling the eerie side of the darkness, what is felt is its enchanting vibe.


I really enjoy taking shots like this one because it can somehow project the idea of an elf’s magical world with the spots of light hanging on the trees. Though my sister won’t qualify as an elf with her height. =P


Here’s the man-made mini waterfalls I have mentioned earlier.


If we can have many poses on the bridge, a pose with the lamp won’t hurt. hehe. Here’s showing the view of the rest of the resort.


The dining hall has glass walls and behind the walls at the back side are these enchanting lamps. So I asked my sister to be my model once more and try to take an equally enchanting photo. hehe


Here’s a picture of the lamps alone. The varying colors of the sides of the lamp give the lamp that extra oomf! hehe


Another look at the high ceiling of the dining hall. It has ceiling fans as well but because of the high ceilings, the heat that should be felt during summer is lessened.


Outside the dining hall. We arrived a bit late (and in our jammies) for the dinner. So while they’re still busy getting their food, might as well have a picture taken. Sunrise at Antulang is up next!!

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