Bantayan Island, Cebu (Shore – Day1)


Another trip is about to start! This vessel is not the one we’re going to ride on though. I just thought it would look nice on cam. hehe


The vehicle that’ll took us around the area where we can find a place to stay in. The hunt will start!


Here’s the boat that took us to Bantayan Island. It took us 3 hours to get to the island. The water’s not really choppy but I somehow still feel kinda sea sick.


One of the places we checked out hoping we could stay here. But, nope. Moving on…


So here’s the resort beside the one we’re staying at. hehe. The structure’s quite interesting because of its native feel.


Some parts of the structure might have been influenced by Bali or Thailand.


Then off to the white sand shore we go. The sand’s great for writing.


Tada! Finished product! hehe. The whole writing weren’t captured though. (If you could see me and my sister in one photo, our father’s the photographer.)


Just feeling the soft sand and water while enjoying the varying shades of blue water.


Jumping had been a thing of ours in most places we visit. hehe. So here’s an arrival jumping shot taken by my sis.


My turn! She’s such a good jumper to be able to achieve this.


And we also dragged our father into taking jumping shots. hehe. He’s not used to it yet.


Here’s our house on the island for three days. It has a kitchen with a gas range and refrigerator, bathroom, and bedroom with an aircon. No need for a television for the view just right outside is totally enough.


So here’s the view! (with the low fence) The house offers an unobstructed view of the sea. Really, the fence wouldn’t get in your vision while looking out to the sea. It’s just with the cam’s angle.


When it is high tide, the water is just a step down. It reaches the edge of the concrete we are standing on so you don’t have to walk too far to enjoy the clear water.


We have quite some spare time in the afternoon so we walked around the neighboring resorts. This one’s also has a Bali feel because of the small huts as cottages and the native feel with all the bamboo and nipa.


This resort’s a modern one. From glass semi-enclosure as shield against the wind without totally blocking the view of the sea to the concrete structure of the hotel, these give a western feel.


Just plainly walking along the white sand shore with the gentle waves and refreshing breeze.


The sunset was on the other side of the island. This means that we will be witnessing the sunrise once more!


The house had a mirror facing the door. So when you enter the house, you’ll definitely see your reflection and the reflection of the beautiful sea behind you. Also, it’s for the illusion of a wider space.

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  1. Beautiful post.


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