Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort, Cebu


Another day, another destination. Off to ride a pump boat to see some islands. Those small things along the shore are actually dead corals. Dead corals are hard. We tried to pass through the path without slippers but it was quite impossible.


The journey began. I’m quite worried every time we ride boats without life jackets.. hehe.. But, I just have to live with it and through it. We crossed the sea to get to Hilantagaan Island, which is approximately just 30 minutes away from Bantayan Island.


Here’s a portion of Hilantagaan Island. The boat stopped here to refill. Yes, they sell fuel here. However, I guess Hilantagaan has not yet fully recovered from the devastation brought about bby Yolanda just like some parts of Bantayan. We can still see some wrecked houses and unfinished constructions. The water is still clear though.


Then we’re off to the other side of Hilantagaan Island where there is a wide open space with just the white sand.


On this side, the shore is wider as the structures are farther away from the shore.


Just some little poses here and there. hehe. Saranghe!


My sis and her mysterious look. =P


Somehow, our trip won’t be complete without our jump shots.


I can join my sister with her jumping coz papa will just take the job of capturing it. hehe


The long white shore continues to stretch. The white sand and color on the water may indicate its shallow depth. When the water changes into a darker color, it also has a deeper depth. We are warned about it so we would be aware of the sudden changes in the depths of the water.


Next stop, Virgin Island! We didn’t step down from our boat though. Once your feet had touched the sand, you will be asked to pay the entrance fee. And you can’t get away from them coz they are always ready to welcome. hehe.


Virgin Island may offer a wide range of amenities. I came up with this by just looking at the island.


The water on the Virgin Island is clear and blue. Also the cottages have nice touches to them. I’m pretty sure this island is a bit more commercialized than Bantayan Island regardless of its name.


With the camera zoomed, we were able to capture this part of the Virgin Island. The water at the bottom of the picture looks very inviting still.


These guys might be snorkeling somewhere. With water clean and blue, they might really see some aquatic creatures down the water.


We finally reached Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort! And also, someone’s already waiting for our entrance fees. hehe.


The getting on and getting down the boat seems to be the tricky part of the trip. Some can unwillingly take a plunge in the water while doing so.


Up the steps and onwards!


Even if we’re under the heat of the sun, (and when I say heat, I really mean heat) we still have that time for a photo op. One of the benches to be seen upon arrival. This must have been better if the foliage of the trees are thicker.


Looking back, this is the sight of the water on this side of the island. Very clear with sea grass covering some patches of the sand.


The water is not only clear, but the sand is powdery soft as well.


There are many paths leading to the different parts of the resort. Some may lead to cottages, the pool, the restaurant, and even the cave.


This resort also has an infinity pool as you can see on our background. The pool side has some speakers which plays upbeat music. A good feature to add entertainment while swimming on the pool.


Then we are like in a forest with caged animals. There are actually a number of animals in cages around the park. So it’s like exploring the forest while keeping a safe distance from its inhabitants.


Along the path leading to the restaurant, I noticed these little figurines lining up on the side of the path. These must be the collection of the owner of the place or it could be just to decorated the path.


Aside from figurines, there are also these little colorful houses.


We entered the restaurant and looked around. We found a videoke machine, pool table, and an alligator gar which we haven’t caught moving. These are all aside from the tables and chairs of course. Since we haven’t played pool in Antulang, we tried our skills here. Turned out, the balls may more likely just bounce on the table instead of getting inside the wholes. hehe.. We should just proceed to the cave..


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  1. Jace Suico says:

    I envy this 😦 I grew up in Bantayan Island but I never been here .. I’ll take a visit here if ever I’ll go home ^_^

    Jace |

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