Sto. Niňo Cave, Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort, Cebu


Within the park and resort, a cave will be found. This will be our second cave to enter, the first one’s in Mabinay.


Starting the descend to the cave. We wear these long cloths over our head coz the heat could really be felt. We may look like members of a certain tribe. hehe


The entrance of the cave! It’s a dead cave though since it can get a lot of exposure from the sun. The wonders of being inside a cave is still present though.


There’s a pool inside the cave. It has a brackish water. Bats can also be found inside the cave so add that to the mixture of the water. hehe.


We are slowly approaching the pool of the cave. And we mean slowly. It kind of somehow freaked me out to be in the pool inside the cave. There are cracks and crevices wherein creatures can hide.


We touched the water. The water’s not really cold. It somehow felt like tap water. The bottom is made up of various sizes of rocks. Just be careful. Some might be slippery, others might be sharp. But it’s not really dangerous.


The water’s clear so there’s not much to worry about. The lighting’s not very bright so there’s still a bit of mystery to the place.


We’re kinda sweet here coz we are still finding our balance in the water. The rocky bottom could get tricky.


The depth of the water could change abruptly. Just be careful when exploring it. No problem when you’re a good swimmer though.


This cave may be given this name because of the statue of Sto. Niňo. It’s not very wide and the main attraction here is the pool. Though one could also give reverence to the figure.


We then walked the steps up back to the light of the sun. We didn’t stay too long in the water. It’s just enough for us to take a dip. It would not be very nice to miss the chance of trying out things when you’re already there.


A rinse is necessary for us upon getting out of the water. There are outside showers for rinsing. It’s like taking a shower with nature. Just like Katy Perry’s “Roar” video where she’s taking a shower with the elephant. Our version’s with real showers though. Sto. Niňo cave is really worth a try.

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