Tinagong Dagat, Sipalay City (Silhouette)


We arrived in Tinagong Dagat just as the sun was preparing to set. hehe.. It gave us a few minutes to gaze at its beauty before enjoying the night.


Just a little tweaking with the angles…


It’s quite amazing how a still photo can somehow capture the motion of an object.


With a little color on… This place is teeming with greenery. More of it on my following posts!


The sun peeking through the hills dyeing with orange hue everything it reaches.


Slightly varied angle. Just like models who need to have slight changes with their poses until the photographer captures “the one”, same goes here. But I’m the one moving instead. hehe


The sky, the hills, and the sea. The sea acting as the mirror of the sky.


Coz I just can’t get enough of the shadows and reflections playing with the horizon.


This one’s like finding the difference with the previous photo. =P


Just across the salty pool. Still the beauty of the wisps of colors in the sky.


The horizon may seem to be never ending. Despite its infinity is the meeting of two impossibilities.


Sometimes, being alone can make you feel less lonely than being around people.


When you truly know a person, you can tell that person is smiling even with just a silhouette.


You can play a lot of tricks on yourself. Just like camera angles can.


Just trying to do some trick shots with my father hehe.. He willingly played along.


And I won’t let the chance of having my father touch the tip of the hill pass by. hehe..

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