Matlag Cave, Sipalay City


Our third cave! We have been inside two caves before this, and getting in and out of those caves was like just a walk in the park. (hehe..well, kind of..) Wondering how this one would turn out.


Just some reminders from the cave guide. The thing that I remember the most: “Mind your head”.


And so we’re inside. The entrance was quite a challenge that I wasn’t able to take any pictures. It’ was like we were all busy looking for a place to land our feet while also being mindful of some of the sharp stalactites above our heads. I guess the closest thing you can associate with the action upon entering the cave is “duck walk”.


With our cave friends. hehe.. The one wearing a black shirt is the rear guide. I guess it’s to make sure that no one is left behind during our spelunking.


This cave has some wide space and narrow ones. This part happens to have a wide space enough for us to stand straight.


Now for some variance… This is one of the parts with narrow spaces. Yep, a person has to go through that narrow space to get to the inner part of the cave.


Not only do you have to somehow squeeze through this narrow path, you also have to watch out for the pointed rocks above, beside, and underneath you. Add to the experience walking through the murky waters in the dark. The cave has no lighting fixtures inside. So you have to bring your own light (some may be provided) and wear a helmet. Bring also a bag of carefulness. hehe


The cave is not as alive as the one in Mabinay. However, there are some calcite still forming on the parts that are unreachable. The rule of not touching the insides of the cave could not really be followed coz it’s quite hard to walk around on the ground that you can’t see because of the water plus the insufficient light.


And here’s the muddy water I’m talking about. It’s about ankle-deep. The guide said there are creatures to be found on the water and that they have almost translucent to transparent outer body coverings for they can’t have light on them. However, only the first persons to enter the cave will be able to see it coz the mud is not yet disturbed so the water is still clear. We are part of the second group to enter, and this is what we can see on the water. =P We have observed that the rocks nearing the bottom of the cave have smoother surface. This may be caused by the water flowing in and out of the cave. The water level could rise when it has recently rained upon entering the cave.


Coz we really wanted to have a picture inside the cave no matter what. hehe.. My sister’s pretty aware of the rock just inches away from her though.


Another wide space inside the cave. There’s no water here anymore though the effect of the water could be seen. The ground is made up of rock which has wave-like patterns that has solidified.


The cave tour ends here. However, I guess if you are daring enough and the cave guides would allow, you can continue on the path further. Total darkness may be experienced on this part. We did try it for a bit.


We are slowly making our way out of the cave now. Being behind the group has some advantages like being able to pose for pictures without worrying much of the people behind us. hehe


Not only do you have to walk sideways, but you also have to crouch if you want to get deeper into the cave or out of it.


Although there are stalactites, columns may never had a chance to form inside this cave.


Looking up at the ceiling, we can observe how water influences the formations inside the cave.


Hmm.. I guess there may have been some columns. But because of the darkness, ones eyes may only be focused on the path. I actually was just raising the camera hoping to have a good picture of the cave. Looking at the screen doesn’t really help much. =P


Jagged rocks, muddy water and darkness. Welcome to the cave!


I guess no size of the jagged rocks and muddiness of the water and darkness of the place could stop our smiles. hehe


Nearing the mouth of the cave. Stalagmites are kinda rare here. I just noticed one at the moment of this writing.


And we made it out! The temperature’s kind of hot inside the cave. Maybe it’s because of the lesser air inside. Then again, it was very worth experiencing! If you want to have a very relax spelunking, this cave may be a bit challenging. Kids and adults have entered and left the cave, so it may not be that terrifying to try spelunking here at all. =)

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