Mabinay Spring, Negros Oriental


We have already entered a cave in Mabinay. Now it’s time to check out the spring!


The welcoming view that greeted us! There’s just something enchanting about springs and it has something to do with the water.


Mabinay Spring…a place next to paradise. Well, I haven’t really been to paradise, so I can’t tell if this is true. But, this place would definitely be a hit for nature lovers! =P


The path around the spring may be concrete, but the canopy provided by the trees surrounding the area still gives that feel of walking around a forest.


Here’s how enchanting the water looks like. It seems to be glowing. And it’s so inviting one may just be tempted to jump in!


The spring may have this color due to its depth. People enjoying the water are provided with life jackets so they can enjoy the spring without the fear of drowning.


The spring was slightly modified to add various levels for those who are swimming.


Visitors can also enjoy kayaking on the spring. There are people managing how the kayaking goes to ensure people’s safety. They may be asked to shift their positions for better balancing or not to go farther from where is allowed.


For those who enjoy hanging around, the place also has a zipline and canopy walk. Unfortunately, the canopy walk was under maintenance when we visited the place, so we only tried the zipline.


The other view of the swimming place in the spring. This is what the zipline will cross.


So here’s me ziplining through the spring! I wish we had a video but to no avail. =P The zipline will start from the trees then emerge to pass above the spring until the end of it.


Seeing the stopper get closer and closer was quite thrilling as I was preparing myself for impact. Turns out it wasn’t that bad. hehe


At the end, steps will be provided coz it would be definitely hard to just jump off from the line. Haha.


It’s my sister’s turn! You can do a trick of rotating while ziplining coz she somehow achieved that. (Though she said that it just happened and she had no control over it. hehe)


It’s nice coz the people managing the zipline will give you a chance to have your picture taken while still on the rope. When you have reached the stopper, they’ll push you back a little to have your picture taken. hehe. Be mindful of your slippers though. They might slip when you’re enjoying your ride. Though the people on the spring might be glad to return it, I guess.


A last look of the spring. I just can’t get enough of its glowing water!

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