Sipalay Shore


There are numerous beaches in Sipalay City. Nataasan is one of them. However, we didn’t enter the place. hehe.. We just passed by it.


The arrow points exactly to where we are headed.


This structure caught our attention upon entering the area of Artistic Diving. It’s like a bar where refreshing drinks may be serve to quench the thirst of the visitors be it day or night.


And here’s the white sand beach, the clear water and vast sky. (and my father. hehe)


This shore is shared by three resorts: Robinson Cruse, Punta Ballo, and Nataasan. Although they face the same shore, they may still offer varied services.


You’ll know what resort offers what amenities through the names written on the things found on the beach. I’m not so sure if there are other resorts sharing the shore behind us.


To have a more tropical feel, colored flags are placed which flap happily with the breeze. There are also torches on the sand which would really look wonderful at night.


And since we are on the beach, we can’t let the opportunity of jumping and have our photo taken pass by. hehe.. Oh but the hair…


So if you want to inquire more about the place, reception’s here.


The resorts could offer amenities like beds facing the sea which is perfect for relaxing at any time of the day.


There’s also this shade which you can for whatever purpose it may suit you. The sand is also raked which could ensure that no sharp objects like broken glass could cause injury to the visitors. I just would like to mention the gorgeous sky. Lovely.


Since we were running around trying to have a picture everywhere, we decided to just sit calmly for a while. hehe..


We found this one swing. I’m not sure if there are other swings around the area. It’s tied to a tree and seems to be tough enough to handle the weight placed on it. (I’m not solely talking about my sister. =P )


The water here is quite calm so people can enjoy kayaking and other activities without worrying much about strong waves crashing at them. hehe


Here is the row of beds with the lights covered in colorful material. I guess it looks wonderful at night as well.


It would be quite a shame to have gone to the beach without touching the water so in we go! The water’s very clear and the sand is soft. No hard and jagged rocks were found while we were walking along.


Trying to get a solo picture of the boat.


Other than posing awkward poses on the water, some other activities are shown in this picture. hehe.


The structure peeking out from the trees is already part of the Nataasan Resort. I guess there are really no specific boundary between the beaches.


So you’ll have a glimpse of how wide our planet could be.


We pretty much just roamed around the area of Artistic Diving. Stopping to take pictures here and there. If taken at a right angle, and if developments would continue, this place could be just like Boracay. Although utmost respect and care for Mother Nature should still be in mind.


It’s time to hop on to the vehicle for another destination.


The entrance of Nataasan which I initially thought had two dragons on it which turned out to be seahorses. hehe


Because of the scattered islands on the water, Sipalay could have angles similar to hundred islands. It would be very interesting to visit each one, but we didn’t have much time for it. Maybe next time. ;P

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