Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

Northland Resort, Manapla


Nan Lian Garden

Shatin Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Trick Art Museum at Boracay

Boracay’s Dancing Chefs

Boracay is one place with oh so many activities! From extreme and thrilling  activities during the day to the party island at night, Boracay could surely cater all!

While walking along the shores at night, we happen to pass by these chefs, in their uniform, dancing to whatever is being sung by the singers in front of them. The choreographed dance steps really brought smiles to whoever stops by their station. It is not only I who took a video so may also see other videos of them on the net.

Whatever your plans are for the night, Boracay has got you covered! You may want to party it all out, there are places for that. Or you may be the kind to just take in the beauty of the night sky, the sea, and the lights, you may do so as well. I happen to be the second kind hehe.. So no matter how the parties are going on almost everywhere, I still find and enjoy that peace in a place without missing out some of the fun like this one!

So if ever you’re in Boracay, keep your eyes peeled for these dancing chefs! They may just dance and charm their way to your hearts!

Up Mt. Luho @Boracay!

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

So here’s our day spent at Ocean Park Hong Kong. I so had a great time meeting the creatures of the sea, tropics or poles. The people here, are quite a pleasure to meet as well.. One of the kindergarten teachers having a field trip with the kids approached us and gave us some of […]

Window of the World, Shenzhen, China

Here are some of the things you will see at the Window of the World in Shenzhen, China. The place is full of miniature structures from the different places of the world. The park also offers some Window of the World passport where you’ll be able to have it stamped each time you visit a […]

The Ruins that made my day!