All about the places I’ve been and what I think of it…

I may be one of the unexpected travelers. I once had some sort of motion sickness. Whenever we ride a bus, or a boat, or a plane, I easily get dizzy until I’m dizzy enough to you-know-what. This stopped when I was in college already. Imagine all those years you would really want to go to places but you dread having to ride some vehicles because you don’t want to feel dizzy while travelling. But maybe I was really meant to travel hehe. And here they are:

Enjoying Philippines contains the places I’ve been in the Philippines. Philippines has quite a lot of islands, 7, 107 that is. I guess I may have been in at least 10 islands. I still have so much more to go which means I need to travel more. It’s not much of a problem since I love traveling.

Enjoying Hong Kong contains the places I’ve been in Hong Kong mixed with Macau. I may have to change it soon. Or not.

Enjoying China contains the places I’ve been in China though it’s only in Shenzhen coz we don’t have a visa meant for China.

This blog is created so I would have a place to write my thoughts about the places we have been. I may soon include the things I want to do and the place that I would like to visit. Just some sort of a bucketlist.

Lately I’ve realized that I super enjoy going to places and writing about it. I even think that if a job of doing something like this would be given to me, I wouldn’t even mind the wage I’ll be receiving. Hehe..

I’m a teacher by the way. This is why my blog is mostly silent from June to March because school stuffs could really take much of my time.

I would gladly accept comments…

=) Enjoy reading, enjoymuch!

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I realized something when I heard the song “I Was Here” performed by Beyonce on one of the UN events. I really do hope that I have made a positive change and will leave a positive impact in this world that we’re living in. I’m honestly hoping for a day to come when people will say that something good came out of my existence. =)


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  1. john tugano says:

    you really have a wonderful blog, Dong.

  2. Hey, cool blog here 🙂
    I am your newest follower.
    Have a great day. Steve

  3. ArisMape says:

    Hello, Kris. What’s your Facebook page. I got something to tell you. Hehe.

  4. gbebensee says:

    Thanks for the nice message you sent about my blog! I’m enjoying looking around here.

  5. swritings says:

    Hi! Great blog! Really enjoyed seeing all your travel pics! 🙂

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