St. Vincent’s Feast, Brgy. Vito, Sagay City


Summer sky, summer high! One of the beautiful views we passed by on our way to Brgy. Vito. The sun is up, so are our spirits! The slightly uncomfortable situation we are in inside the vehicle going to Brgy. Vito is somehow lightened up by the view. Still blessed no matter what


The facade of St. Vincent Ferrer’s church. We have been going to this place for a few years now but it still manages to give me that little string of surprise at how many people come to visit and show their devotion.


In the sea of people, I try not to lose my sister and father. Hehe.. but, no matter how strong the current is, gotta take some shots still..


Being here at this place will surely say a lot about your endurance and patience. The sun is beating down on us and it’s not a joyful thing to feel, the sun stings, for real. But, a smile never hurt anyone. So along with the brightness of the sun is our shining smiles. This is the entrance to the church though these are just two of the many openings of the church.


And here’s what you’ll find inside. It’s packed of people wanting to hear the mass. Staying inside the church will test your endurance to the heat and patience to the passing of people going in and out. However, it wouldn’t matter much if you only focus on your main purpose of being here.


Here’s the scenario at the back of the church while the mass is going on. People also flock here to light their candles. On this side of the church as well, there are people who want to “palapak” or to be “stepped on” by the small St. Vincent statue. It is said to heal various illnesses. There are two small statues used here but only one is the original though I don’t know if people knew which and if they even care.


This place is found at the side of the church. It’s a separate building intended for lighting the candles. This place is very warm because of the burning candles. Prayers are offered here as well.


This is one side of the church. Took a pic of it coz it seems cool to have the light behind one of the bell towers of the church.


A view of the church grounds outside. Those colorful flaglets or banderitas added to the festive mood of the place. In front of this are vendors of various stuffs, from food, to fans, to toys, to religious things, to balloons. It causes some traffic though. The road is not that wide because Brgy. Vito is not that commercialized.


A view of the church from the back. The small building on the left is the place for lighting the candles. At the side of the church, you’ll see multiple openings. However, even if there are multiple openings, it somehow still cannot cater to all the people who came. So some would just stand and face the openings to hear mass.


And then there’s me. This picture was taken kinda awkwardly because people are wondering why was I standing in front of them. -_-


As I have mentioned earlier, there are many vendors here. They are not limited only outside the church grounds but some of them roam around as well. Just like the lady carrying various religious stuffs. As for me, I don’t really want to dwell on things. I would likely focus on faith.


Having said what I said before, we still bought candles to light. It was like lining up for a box office hit movie! People can’t wait to get their hands on the candles and are afraid of running out. We managed to buy some and lit them.


This is still taken at the back of the church. There are steel things on which the lit candles can be placed but if there are too many, the ground will do. So people just find a spot where they won’t burn themselves and place their candles there.


A look at the church before leaving.

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